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Should we buy Walt Disney World tickets each day?


by David
(London, England)


I am trying to find out how much the parks cost to enter at the gate? We are going to buy two adult premium 14 for 7 day tickets and share them with our older kids, but the two younger kids will be taken every other day as we feel it would be too much for them.


Should we buy Walt Disney World ticket each day we go or buy another one of these tickets?



Dad’s longer tickets are better Answer



If you can buy the longer tickets for children, I’d do that. Here’s why.


The sign that lists Walt Disney World Tickets and the prices

Walt Disney World Ticket Prices (in 2009) Photo by Joe Shlabotnik

Walt Disney World tickets get cheaper the longer you stay. A one day child (ages 3-9) ticket is now $74.00 plus tax. A 4 day ticket is $209, and after 4 days it only costs $5.00 per day to add more days.


The ticket you are buying is available only in Europe. It’s not available to us over here. Here’s what a ticket would cost over here. If you children were going to be in the parks for 7 days, the base ticket would cost $238.56 each (tax included) at the gate. Now to add the water park and park hopper options would bring the total to $351.58 (about 250 euros). Dad’s Disney World Tickets page

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Dad’s Bottom Line

David, I think your 14 day premium ticket may be cheaper than that. So you might want to buy your tickets over there before you come. If not, when you come over here, don’t buy individual Walt Disney World tickets each day. Figure out how many days you need and buy a ticket for that many days.


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May 16, 2011 No sharing allowed
by: Mark Umm… minor detail. You’re not allowed to “share” tix. Each individual ticket is for use by ONE person, and one person only. Read the fine print.

Dad’s Answer

Mark, that may be true and it may not be true. If it were tickets bought at the park or in America then yes, they can’t be shared. I’m not exactly sure (since I’m not a European Travel Agent) how those tickets work. Reading about them on the internet I think they are hard tickets that aren’t tied to Disney’s biometric system, but I’m not sure.

But for you David, make sure with your travel agent that’s it’s OK to share your tickets. It would be expensive to get over here and not have enough ticket.

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