Should we use Disney Transportation or drive our car?

Should we use Disney Transportation or drive our car?

We will be starting our vacation on March 19, 2011. My plan is to check in to our hotel (Coronado Springs), go to Downtown pick up our park tickets at the will call station, do a little bit of shopping and looking around, and then go to Ft. Wilderness for smore's and a movie, and back to the hotel for an early night because according to Dad we must get up early to be at the parks when it opens.

Now my question. Should we use the Disney Transportation or our car to get around?

Dad's don't leave the driving to Disney Answer

This is an easy one. To get from the Coronado Springs to Downtown Disney to Fort Wilderness Campground to Coronado Springs on the Disney bus system would try the patience of any bus rider. Just getting back to the resort after the movie will be a challenge. You have to take a bus to one of the parks (if any are still open) then catch another bus back to the Coronado Springs.

Yep, driving your own car is the way to go. (By the way, if you got your tickets from Disney, you should be able to get them at your hotel when you check in.

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