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Dad talks about
Simple, Fun, Magic and a
WDW Vacation


Dad believes that every WDW Vacation should be Simple, Fun and Magic. Yes, I know that's not a popular opinion. Most Disneyphiles (like that word?) would tell you that a trip to the Most Magical Place on Earth is a real chore.


Not Dad!





In the immortal words of Ricky Ricardo, "Dad, you got some splainin' to do..."


OK, let me explain.

Too Much Information Syndrome

One of the big problems with the internet and a Disney Vacation is what I call the Too Much Information Syndrome.


The other day, I got a question from a nice person asking me what day and time they should make their request for an upgrade and a particular room at the Pop Century. And they wanted to know if they should do it online or call?

This nice person was very worried that their whole trip would be ruined if they didn't get the upgrade or the room they requested.


Wow. Talk about Too Much Information Syndrome.


Let's see. The Pop Century Resort has over two THOUSAND, eight HUNDERED, rooms. That's right 2,880 rooms if memory serves me right. (It does, I looked it up.)


Also, Disney doles out about 3 hotel upgrades a month. (I don't know the actual stastic on that one, but it's not very high.) The chances of getting an upgrade at the Pop Century is infintes... OK, no big words, but it's really, really small.


The chances of this nice person actually getting their request is almost nil. Also, it's something that's simply not worth worrying about.


The Pop Century is a really cool hotel. It's also a very simple hotel. There are 2 kinds of rooms. One with 2 full size beds and one with a king sized bed. Other than that the rooms are identical except for location.


Dad loves the Pop Century. It's our home away from home. It's the epitomy of Simple, Fun, Magic in a hotel.


Dad has now stayed in 4 different sections of the Pop. The only real difference between them is the distance to the main building and parking. That's it.


Dad believes in making a Disney vacation Simple. If you would like a specific area in a hotel, tell Disney (better yet, let your Travel Agent do it for you), but don't obsess over it. It will happen or it won't.



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