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Single or Double stroller at Disney World

We are going to Disney in April with 3 kids ages 9, 7 and 2. My question is about strollers. I have a single umbrella stroller with a basket, but I am worried about it getting lost. Should I rent a double stroller so my older kids are able to rest also or should I just bring my single? How hard is it to lug a stroller from the parking lot to the entrance?

Dad’s get the big one Answer

I’d go with the big one. Even older kids get tired at Disney World, so having a double stroller really helps.

I answered a similar question from Amy last year. Amy’s question about single or double strollers at Disney World.

Dad’s Bottom Line

Lugging a stroller around can be difficult especially when you have tired kids to lug around also. On the buses and on the trams you’ll have to fold up the strollers prior to boarding. If you rent a stroller at Disney World, make sure you take something that you can put on the stroller to make it identifiable.

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