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Slinky Dog Dash and Pooh Sized People

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“Hi Dad just wondering about Pooh sized people riding Slinky Dog Dash? We are heading to Walt Disney World and can’t wait to see the new stuff in late September but the hubby is worried cuz he “just” fits into 7 dwarfs. Thanks for your help.”

Slinky Dog Dash is AMAZING

Slinky Dog is getting ready to take a ride

Look at the t-bar as Slinky takes off – Photo by Brett Svenson

I can honestly report that Slinky Dog Dash is truly AMAZING. It’s a great ride. I got to ride it 4 times during the media preview and I loved it.

Dad’s Slinky Dog Dash page

But that doesn’t answer your question now does it?

Slinky Dog Dash is very, VERY, friendly to Pooh sized people. It’s very easy to get in. The seat is a bench seat (not contoured like Seven Dwarfs Mine Train). The restraint is a padded t-bar that comes between your legs (and doesn’t squeeze them together).

I’m pretty big and I found it very comfortable.

I can’t imagine any Pooh sized person having problems on Slinky Dog Dash.

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Dad’s Bottom Line

I think Disney learned from the Seven Dwarfs Mine Train debacle and made Slinky Dog Dash very friendly to Pooh sized people.


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Apr 30, 2019 Slinky Dog Dash
by: Pooh sized family

My husband is 5’10” weighs about 455 and he fit in Slinky with another rider…and my daughter and I are 5’6″ 270 and 5’7″ 325 and we fit together no problem….just our contribution and thank you to Disney for being size friendly!!

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