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Sneak Peek at Test Track


by Princess

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Hey Y’all! Today is EPCOT Tuesday. Dad is posting tons of pictures of EPCOT during the holidays on Facebook. I am working on updating The International Flower and Garden Festival page since the dates have been released for the year 2013.

The entrance to the updated Test Track at EPCOT

The Entrance to Test Track 2.0 Photo by Ricky Brigante


So I thought today would be the perfect day to give you a sneak peek at Test Track which is opening this Thursday December 6th.


Disney has totally remade this attraction. Let’s start with the entrance. The new entrance is huge. I am talking really big. The blue and silver design is really futuristic. Of course the new sponsors Chevrolet have their name and logo in many strategic locations at the entrance. Everything about the entrance is brand new. Gone are the old wood doors which have been replaced by extending portals which will be able to host long lines.

Dads’s Test Track page


The line to the right will be a stand by line will be able to hold enough people that the wait can be up to 8 hours. The door to the left is for single riders and people with FASTPASS. Test Track will be taking part of the new FASTPASS+ system that has been announced. As you walk into the waiting area you will notice lots of silver shiny tones. There is even chance to see the Chevrolet concept car on display. During your wait you will have a chance to look at many test exhibits and work at design stations.


After designing your vehicle you will be directed to the load station. Here you will get into one of four cars. Then you will be able to scan your RFID bracelet that your design car is stored on. Then off you go to test your vehicle. Your vehicle will climb up the hill and you will get to see the new test track. It is like stepping into the Matrix.


First your car will test responsiveness. The car skids down the mountain with no ABS as a rainstorm appears on the screen to the left. Then the brakes are activated and tested by going through an avalanche and lightning storm. Next you check the scoreboard to see how your individual vehicle did compare to others.


Then it is off to the Efficiency Test. Cars will be judge on the efficiency of the design in this chamber. Then the car heads down Track Course A for the capability test. The vehicles are tested on hairpin turn and other tests. There are lots of lasers during this test including a huge truck that almost runs into the design car. Then there is another scoreboard to compare scores so far on the tests.


Finally it is off to the Power Test. This is just like the ending of the previous version of the attraction. Then as you exit the ride there is a chance to buy a picture of yourself on the ride. Then you will have a chance to scan your RFID bracelet and see all your scores compared to others on the ride.


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Wow that sounds pretty cool! The makeover to the attraction sounds pretty awesome. The new added features are a great way to interact with the family as you look at scores. The new and improved Test Track will be opening this Thursday December 6th.


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