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SpectroMagic combined with Wishes is the perfect way to end a great day at the Magic Kingdom.

Trust me. (No, I'm not a doctor.)

On this magic night,

A million stars will play beside us...

Cinderella glows in SpectroMagic

Cinderella in SpectroMagic
Another Great Photo by Jeff_B

Uncle Walt loved parades. You can tell by the parades he puts on. The afternoon parades in all the parks are imaginative and entertaining. But this is the Grand Daddy of them all.

Six hundred thousand (600,000) miniature lights cover 36 units and several actual people. It's a Christmas lovers dream.

For 20 minutes everyone is spellbound as they watch the scenes and enjoy great music. It's just a perfect way to end a great day.

The parade starts with big trumpet fanfare, with big bright Trumpeters. The fanfare morphs into Disney World movie themes tied together by the continuing fanfare. Following the Trumpeters are floats that depict scenes from several Disney movies. It's truly a spectacle of sound and light.


Crowds? What crowds? There aren't any crowds for the parades in the Magic Kingdom. (Note to anyone reading this; Dad is lying through his teeth.)

Main Street will be lined with people 10 deep who have been waiting for an hour or more to see the parade. The crowds in Frontierland won't be much smaller. You'll have to struggle to get a good look at the parade if you aren't in place at least 20 minutes before the show.

On a busy day, you need to get your places early. If there are 2 parades, try to see the second one. The crowds will be smaller (usually).

Where's the best place to watch? Main Street is always the best place to watch the Magic Kingdom parades, but it can be real difficult to find a place. Are there any secret places to watch parades? Not really. The whole parade route will be lined with people 30 minutes or more before the parade.

So Dad, how do we avoid the crowds?

Like a lot of things at Disney World, sometimes you just have to adjust. Stake out your spot early and (suck it up Dad) send dear old Dad to the Main St. Bakery to grab some great snacks to keep the kids busy until parade time. (Mom, if Dad goes to get snacks, you can't sneak off and go shopping. You have to stay and guard your territory.)


Here's a short little video of the SpectroMagic float

Fun Facts

Here are some interesting tidbits -

  • There are 948 batteries to power the lights and vehicles
  • It takes over 100 miles of fiber optic cable to connect all the lights
  • Each sound "zone" is 70-80 feet long.


This parade made it's debut on October 1, 1991. It went on hiatus from May 1999 to April 2001. The parade has been seen

Dad's Ride Information Table

SpectroMagic Parade
Description: The nighttime parade at the Magic Kingdom
Height Requirement - none Fastpass:no Length of Ride: 20 minutes
Type of ride: Parade

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Dad's Bottom Line

This is one of the best things at Walt Disney World. Line up early and enjoy.

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