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Splitting your stay with the Dining Plan

by Shelley
(Harrowsmith, Ontario, Canada)

Hi, I recently asked a question about park hopping and what the easiest way would be to buy park tickets & get the dining plan when doing this. I read your reply on Facebook, thank you, but I still have one question. You said I should purchase a park ticket for the length of the entire stay with 1 of the hotel bookings(because it is cheaper to buy an 8 day instead of a 5 day & a 3 day) but buy a dining plan with each resort I stay at.

The Disney website will not allow me to book a dining plan with one of my resort stays without park tickets. Is there another reputable travel agency that I can do this with? Thanks

The bridge to the Art of Animation Resort at night

You might want to go resort hopping to the Art of Animation – Photo by Brett Svenson

Dad’s Tricky Business Answer


Thanks for following up! Your question about how to hotel hop while getting the best deal on park tickets and incorporating the Disney Dining Plan was an interesting topic for Dad’s Guide and dear ol’ Dad is happy to give you a few more pointers on this tricky business. Lets take a look at how you can jump the hurdles you’re facing in the booking process.

For those of Dad’s readers who didn’t catch Shelley’s first question, it was all about hotel hopping while getting the Disney Dining Plan and the best deal on park tickets. Dad advised Shelly to book 5 nights at one hotel and 3 at another, each with the Disney Dining Plan attached to the hotel reservation, and with 8 days of park tickets attached to the first reservation.

Disney doesn’t make it particularly easy to hotel hop – not because they discourage it, but because it’s not very common – which is why you’re experiencing a few roadblocks now. But not to worry, there are certainly ways around this silly technicality and Dad has a few ideas about just that.

The nice thing about the Walt Disney World Reservation system is that it’s pretty flexible when it comes to changes. You can change your room type, your park tickets, whether you include the dining plan, and even your trip dates without too much hassle!

I think that you should be able to book both of your reservations as follows: 5 nights with the Disney Dining Plan and 8 day tickets, and 3 nights with the Disney Dining Plan with one night of park tickets. After you make your reservation, you should be able to call Disney and cancel your park ticket on the second reservation.

The other thing you can do is to call Disney and make the reservations on the phone. They should be able to figure it out for you. (407) WDISNEY or (407) 934-7649.

Here’s the best way. Just relax and let someone else do the work for you. That’s why Dad always recommends Working with a travel agent who specializes in Disney vacations, like Destinations to Travel, will take the stress out of this whole planning process. They’ll be able to ensure you get the hotel reservations, Disney Dining Plan, and park tickets you want – hassle free and for the best price.

Dad’s Destinations to Travel Page

Destinations to Travel

Dad’s Bottom Line

Shelley, don’t worry – there is hope for your Perfect vacation yet. Give the good folks at Destinations to Travel a call and they’ll get you all sorted out – have a great trip and be sure to let Dad know how your hotel hopping adventure works out!

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