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Stages of a Disney Vacation?


What are the stages of a Disney vacation? What do you mean, what's Dad ranting about now? I'm serious (for Dad). Every Disney vacation goes through a series of stages. Check it out.



Have you ever been depressed after a Disney trip? Do you get the blahs when it's still 100 days until your vacation? Relax. It's natural. Those are just a couple of the stages. Trust me.


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Pizzafari sign in Animal Kingdom

Photo by tom.arthur

Stage 1 - the Wedding stage

What? Wedding? What? I thought we were talking about Disney World? Let me explain. I have a bit of exprience with weddings over the last couple of years. The Princess and The Man-Child got married 15 months apart.


The initial phase of planning a trip to Disney World is a lot like a wedding in reverse. The first thing that happens is

I'm going to Disney World and now it's time to throw a party.


That's Stage 1.

Stage 2 - Whistle while you work

Stage 3 - The 100 day Blahs

Stage 4 - I'm too excited to sleep

Stage 5 - ADVBS


As usual, Disney has overdone themselves in themeing this restaurant. Every dining room is dedicated to a different animal. Walls are covered with brightly colored murals depicting the animals.


Dad's Simple Fun Magic Guide to Walt Disney World Planning


Dad's Bottom Line

For a quick meal this is not the worst you'll get at Disney World. Disney World pizza is OK, but nothing special.



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