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by Dad

It’s back and better than ever. Star Tours reopened this weekend with huge fanfare and a visit from the big guy himself. No, I’m not talking about Darth Vader, or even C3P0. I’m talking about the creator. The man who started it all. George Lucas himself was there and was one of the first to actually ride the revamped attraction.

Star Tours – The Adventure Continues Opening Day

Star Wars Weekend was the perfect backdrop for the reopening of the ride. The next 4 weekends Disney Hollywood Studios will be packed with Star Wars lovers looking to ride the new version of Star Tours.

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The ride has been retooled and now includes a 3D movie, and yes, that means you have to wear the 3D glasses. The new movie includes 3 sections with up to 54 different options. New destinations include Tatooine, Hoth, the Death Star and many more.

The preshow area has been revamped and updated with new scenes and better effects. The video boards have been updated with the new destinations.

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Dad’s Bottom Line

Although 3D movies give me a headache, I can’t wait to ride the new ride. If you get to ride before I do, come on over and tell us about it.

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