Star Wars Land IS Coming!!!!


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Boy oh boy Day 2 of the D23 Expo did not disappoint! Here are a few of the highlights of the incredible information released today.


The Millenium Falcon

This looks really cool – Photo by Disney Parks


Earlier in the day STAR WARS LAND was officially announced! (Dad hinted to this coming a few weeks back.) Coming to Hollywood Studios, this will be the largest single themed expansion. While being fully immersed in a galaxy far, far away, you will be able to take control of the Millennium Falcon and eat in a Star Wars cantina.


In the meantime, Space Mountain will receive a Star Wars related update to hold fans over until Star Wars Land is complete.


Hold on to your hat’s cowboys and girls- Toy Story Land is coming to Disney’s Hollywood Studios! This is exactly what the park needs- more family friendly entertainment. We already knew that Toy Story Midway Mania would be expanding to include a third track, but so much more is coming.


There’s going to be an attraction called Green Alien Flying Saucers and a family coaster featuring Slinky Dog and a toy roller coaster track built by Andy. In addition, expect to feel as though you were shrunk down to the size of Andy’s toys where you can play in his backyard.


Good news for EPCOT as well. Word Showcase’s Norway Pavilion will not only include Frozen Ever After (in place of Maelstrom) but also a Norwegian-inspired log cabin. Also, in addition to the third screen, Soarin’ will also receive the updated film “Soarin’ Around the World” sometime next year.


Finally, Animal Kingdom information included the new land being officially titled Avatar: The World of Pandora. In addition to staying open later, The Tree of Life will become a canvas of beautiful projections- including groupings of fireflies serving as “pixie dust”. The e-ticket attraction will be The Flight of Passage, where you will soar on a Banshee over Pandora. Joe Rohde said it will be a “very fluid, very romantic, very lyrical journey.”


Well, I’m about ready to plan about 10 vacations over the next few years- how about you?


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the fire pit at 'Ohana



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