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Star Wars Land Travel dates

by Jeff

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“Hi Dad! Another dad here trying to plan the perfect vacation for his two young girls, my wife and parents! Looking at best time to travel next fall (Oct-December 2019) but am petrified that Star Wars land will spike crowds greatly. Is this a valid concern and what’s the best bet to avoid?”

Roll the Dice

The entrance to Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge

Galaxy’s Edge is going to be HUGE – Photo by Cliff Wang

Hi Jeff,

The burning question on everyone’s mind when it comes to the fall of 2019 is when will Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge open. It’s a really good question.

And the answer is…

Only the shadow knows. OK, that’s a silly answer, but at this point, I’m not sure even Disney knows for sure. Yes, they probably have a target date, but a year out any date at this point is just that. A target.

I’ve been saying for a while to expect a Veterans Day opening weekend opening. November 9th would be my guess for the dedication day for Galaxy’s Edge.

Disney has been opening lands (Pandora and Toy Story) on holiday weekends. I don’t think there’s any way they’ll wait until Thanksgiving week (although if you look at the new ticket price thing you might think it’s right after Thanksgiving). I guess they could do it Columbus day, but my prediction is Veterans Day.

Not as Bad as You Might Think

One of the things we’ve seen with the openings of Pandora and Toy Story Land is the overall crowds at WDW aren’t crazy when a land opens. Yes, the crowds in the land are nuts, but the crowds in the other parks actually go down a little.

There might be a small spike in overall crowds the week the land opens, but it quickly goes back to the normal pattern.

Dad’s WDW Crowd Calendars page

When to go

So when is the best time to go during the fall season 2019? If it were me, I’d go the week before Thanksgiving. I know that’s probably right after Galaxy’s Edge opens, but that week is historically a slow week and I don’t see any reason it won’t be next year.

Of course any time you can is a good time to go. October will be busy, November will be really busy the week of Thanksgiving. But the other weeks won’t be too crazy. (Probably.)

Tips to Avoid Crowds

I have a whole bunch of tips on how to avoid the crowds at WDW. It’s kind of my thing. The first one is to choose when to go. We’ve covered that one. See the rest on my Crowds page.

Dad’s Disney World Crowd Tips page

Destinations to Travel

Dad’s Bottom Line

Jeff, there’s no way to avoid all the crowds at Walt Disney World. There just aren’t any really slow days any more (except some days in September) and the new ticket pricing system will make that more true as the years go forward.

Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge opening will spike crowds just a little for a few days right around opening, but the crowds will go back to normal pretty quickly. I think the week before Thanksgiving will be the lowest crowds of your time frame, but any time you can go will be OK.


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Comments for

Oct 30, 2018 Star wars land
by: Todd

It’s funny that you said the November 23 and 24 will be the days it will open. Now you said veterans week. I understand you have no idea but it will be late in fall. We will see…

Dad Answers

Yeah, at first I thought Veterans Day week, but after seeing the new pricing structure I think that the weekend before Thanksgiving is the winner, winner chicken dinner.

Oct 17, 2018 Thanks!
by: Jeff

Thanks for the response Dad, I think we’ve settled on arriving mid week after Veterans Day and staying until mid week the following week. Your site is full of great info and I’m sure we’ll be using it as we finalize our plans. Thanks for all your great work

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