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Staying Safe at WDW


by The Princess

Hey Y’all! Hope everyone has been keeping up with the blog, if not here is a short run down…Dad asked me, The Princess, to take over planning our next trip to WDW. We (Dad, Mrs. Mom, Prince Charming, me, The Man-Child, The Southern Belle, and our newest edition, T) are headed to WDW for the week of Thanksgiving. We are going on this trip to celebrate the newest member of our family, T, who The Man-Child and Southern Belle recently adopted.


So, like any WDW loving family we decided our first big trip together should be to WDW. Oh, and since Dad is busy with trips and business, he asked me to do the planning. Only problem with that is that in the 8 times I have been, Dad has always planned them all. One obstacle we have come across is that it is a challenge to get 7 people from 3 different families who live in 2 different states and have completely different schedules to sit down and make a plan. But we are making it work. We’re even coming to agreements on what to do during our trip!


mom and child on dumbo

Stay safe and have fun on your family vacation! Photo by Brett Svenson


Taking a Break!

This week I thought we would take a break from talking about planning and talk about safety at WDW. Y’all hear lots of stories from Dad on this blog and occasionally hear from Mrs. Mom. She sometimes loves to give out Pearls of Wisdom. This past week she did just that. She was looking at her computer and saw an article about why you should take a picture of your child each morning of your trip.


Of course, you should take pictures of your kids each morning, duh, they look cute. But Mrs. Mom went on to talk about when you take a picture on your phone, if you and your child get separated you can show the picture to a cast member and it might make it easier to locate your child. For the last 20 or so years, we have not had to worry about safety that much, since we have been big kids and could take care of ourselves.


But this conversation got me thinking, “what are some good safety tips for taking your children to WDW?”

Staying Safe

There are lots of great ways you can help your kids stay safe at WDW. You can start by taking their picture in the morning. This can be fun, and you can have them do silly poses and it will create some fun memories. I bet we’ll take a morning picture every day on this trip.


Another great idea is if you are traveling with small children, to write your (the parent) name and phone number on the inside of your child’s MagicBand. This will let a Cast Member easily get in contact with you.


Speaking of Cast Members, teach your children who they are (ex: Sally, not her nickname, sweet pea). This way if you and your child get separated, they know how they can go up to. An easy way to teach them to identify Cast Members is to tell them to look for an adult with a name badge. Teach your children that Cast Members are there to help and are very nice.


Another helpful safety tip is to pick a meeting spot. Like if you are in Magic Kingdom and get separated tell your child to meet you at the Partners Statue in front of Cinderella’s Castle. It is a good idea to go over your meeting spot a few times with the hope that they can tell a Cast Member about it.


When The Man-Child and I were kids, safety was a little simpler. I stuck like glue to Dad and Mrs. Mom. The Man-Child on the other hand wanted his freedom. So, Dad and Mrs. Mom had a leash for him. These were common back in the day. It has one Velcro bracelet that went on the parent’s wrist and one for the child. This let child go a certain amount of step ahead without getting separated. The Man-Child loved it!


In all the years WDW has been open there has never been a single child not reunited with their loved ones. All the stories of children be separated from their parents end happy. These tips to help you and your family if the worst happens. We always want everyone to have a magical trip!


Keep checking the blog and our Facebook Community for stories and questions about our trips.



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