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Stitch at Disney World


by Patty
(Laredo tx)


Is there a lot of Stitch stores and/or Stitch things at Disney World. I’m a big Stitch fan and wonder if there was any specific stores for Stitch.



Stitch dolls at a gift shop in the Magic Kingdom

He’s everywhere Photo by Samantha Decker

Dad’s not my favorite character Answer




The short answer is, yes, Stitch is everywhere at Disney World. Stitch even has his own ride with the accompanying merchandise shop outside.


I have to be a bit careful here, because, Stitch is not my favorite character.


(This next part is humor.)

The Magic Kingdom after Stitch tears it up

The Magic Kingdom after Stitch tears it up


I’ve been a bit traumatized by, as I call him, that little blue monster since the first day in 2004 when they opened Stitch’s Great Escape (see the picture above). That little blue monster tore up the Magic Kingdom. It wasn’t pretty.


And then they opened the ride. (I’m being serious here) I still think this is the worst ride at Disney World. Stitch is not cute in this ride. He’s scary.


I have to admit, we didn’t like Alien Encounter (the ride Stitch replaced). But just replacing the alien with Stitch didn’t improve the ride at all.


Enough of that. You wanted to know about seeing Stitch and getting merchandise. You can always find Stitch at the Best Friends Breakfast with Lilo and Stitch at ‘Ohana. Stitch is also found in EPCOT (we saw him there several times during the Palooza), in the Magic Kingdom at Tomorrowland by the Stitch ride, and in Disney Hollywood Studios.


Dads’s ‘Ohana page



Stitch on top of the World of Disney logo in Downtown Disney

Stitch at Downtown Disney


As to merchandise, I’d start at the “Stitch” gift shop outside of the ride. You’ll also find Lilo and Stitch merchandise at almost every shop on the property. In fact, you’ll find him on the sign to the entrance of the World of Disney shop in Downtown Disney.

Dad’s Bottom Line




The bottom line is you won’t have any problem finding Stitch stuff. It’s everywhere.


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Comments for

Dec 29, 2012 Weeeell?…
by: Nathan Roberts Actually, the only time that either of my children ever wanted a Stitch stuffed animal, every single store in the park was sold out. From the reaction of the cast members, I think this was quite a rare occurrence, but it can happen.

By the way, you can meet Stitch by himself at HS and with Lilo at AK.

Dec 26, 2012 Stitch, yes, Lilo, no..
by: Will Funny thing about Lilo & Stitch merchandise is that 99.99% of it is Stitch, with Lilo being relegated to pins. I’ve searched all over the World trying to find a stuffed Lilo doll to no avail.. The search was made to appease a beautiful little 3 year old girl who had recently, as pretty much everything in her life would be haha, feel in love with the movies and wanted Lilo. I guess its gonna have to be Ebay..

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