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Sunrise Safari at Disney’s Animal Kingdom Lodge

by Russell

Does the Sunrise Safari at Disney’s Animal Kingdom Lodge cost extra? Do you have to stay in a resort to go? How much are the massages at the Spa & Health Club? Can anyone schedule an appointment or must stay in a resort?

Dad’s yes, no, a bunch, yes Answer


The Sunrise Safari at Disney’s Animal Kingdom Lodge has morphed over the years. This was originally a perk for concierge guests at the Animal Kingdom Lodge. But, after a couple of years, Disney opened it up to everyone. (There is limited availability.)

The Safari costs $65.00 for adults and $32.50 for children. Reservations are required and can be made 180 days before your arrival date. (Animal Kingdom park admission is required, but not included.)

All of the Spas at Walt Disney World are open to the general public. You just have to make reservations. You can go to Disney’s Spa page for more information.

Yes, no, yes and a bunch. Dad’s right as usual.


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