Will Disney World tickets work at Disneyland?

We went to Disney a few years ago and used our Park Day Hopper Ticket to see the fireworks. Arrived at 8 p.m. Due to the weather, the fireworks were cancelled and they gave us a paper One Day Park Hopper for Walt Disney World that expire in 2023.

1997 5 Day Hopper Ticket

Hi there. We have a five-day World Hopper ticket with one day left on it from the Disney World 25th Year Anniversary, bought it in 1997. Am I still able to use this ticket? Thanks in advance for your help.

Walt Disney World Tickets from 1991

We have tickets from 1991 that never expire. My question is can we use these tickets to upgrade to new ones or will we know what we can use them for? How do we go about seeing the newer attractions? Thank you for your help.

WDW Ticket Price Increases are coming

  by Dad  2  0  0  2  0   I wanted to give you a quick heads up. WDW ticket prices are going up really soon. REALLY SOON!   That’s right. Disney is about to raise prices again.   There have been rumblings for a while that Disney is planning to raise ticket prices again this year. That’s no surprise …

What do Disney World tickets look like?

  by Jenn (Connecticut)   Hi I purchased my Walt Disney World tickets from Undercover Tourist at a rather decent discounted price. However, I am terrified that they are somehow not the right tickets. Are they like paper?   I was expecting something more like a credit card or hotel card material. Can i laminate them? I spent a whole …