New opening show at Magic Kingdom

Hi, Dad, thanks for your tips. They’ve helped us newbies have a great time at the Magic Kingdom. My question is have your strategies changed at all with the new way of opening the park? We really missed the morning show, by the way, when we went in January.

May 12 or May 14 for the Magic Kingdom?

Dad, we seek your infinite wisdom, Seven of us going to Disney. We love when the park is not too crowded, so we always get in at opening bell. For Magic Kingdom, Friday May 12th or Sunday May 14th, which would be better? Thanks, Mark.

Christmas Day break at the Magic Kingdom

Hi. We are surprising the kids with their first trip to Disney World for Christmas. We would like to plan a midday break. I kind of talked about that. But I’m worried about the parks reaching capacity. My kids are old enough to be able to power through, they will be 9 and 10, but my husband gets grumpy when he is tired.

What do you recommend?

New Opening Show at the Magic Kingdom

“Dad, this will be our first Magic Kingdom since they moved the welcome ceremony from outside of the castle stage. Can you explain a bit about it? Specifically, do we have to attend? Are you herded down Main Street? Can you visit the shops while heading towards the castle? Most importantly, can we immediately head to the rides, or must we wait for the ceremony to finish?…