Weekend before Memorial Day

by Perri   Hi! I have checked out your crowd calendar, but am curious about your thoughts! I will be visiting Disney for 5 days (May 16th-May 20th of 2020) staying at the Disney All-Star Resort. We are doing 4 days at Disney Parks at 1 day at Universal. What do you anticipate the crowds will be like during this …

Weekday Crowds in May at Walt Disney World

Hi, I was wondering why the crowds for May are worse on Mondays through Wednesdays and lighter on the weekends? For example, Monday through Wednesday May 15th through 17th is heavier crowds than Friday, Saturday, Sunday May 12th through 14th, and so forth, and so on.

January or May at Walt Disney World?

I am looking to taking my son back to Disney World for his fourth birthday. I’m having an issue to do it the end of April or the beginning of May or do it in the end of January. I’ve looked onsite for different options, but still unsure the price difference between the value season. What is your opinion? We will return again down the road, but looking for the cheaper option.

When to take Walt Disney World vacation

  by paula (Louisiana)   Hello Dad. Thank you for all the information you provide. It is always appreciated!   I can’t decide when to take a Walt Disney World vacation. I have narrowed it down to two different times of the year. Hoping you can help with advice on which one you think would be best for my family’s …

When is the best time to see Mickey and Minnie?

  by Jennifer (Long Island, New York)   Hey Dad, first I wanted to start off by saying I love your website, your the best! I am having a dilemma. My husband and I are planning a trip to Disney World and we want to know which is the best time to see Mickey and Minnie? We want to go …