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Take Advantage of Extra Magic Hours or Not?

by Marcy Hill
(Cordele, GA)

Hey, We are going on our first family Disney Trip February 28, March 1 and 2. We have 7 grandchildren ranging for 11 to 4 months. We were thinking of going to Magic Kingdom 2 days and Animal Kingdom 1.

The crowd calendar looks like it is going to be light on the 28, moderate on the 1st and Heavy on the 2nd. Extra Park hours (morning) are in Magic Kingdom on the 1st and Animal Kingdom on the 2nd. We had planned to go to MK on 28 (less crowded day) and 2nd (more crowded) and AK on the 1st.

Should we change this to take advantage of the Extra Magic Hours are should we worry more about the crowds?

I like your plan


Wow, that sounds like a fun family outing. I think you are going to have a great time. Let’s look at those 3 days.

Dad’s February Disney World Crowds page
Dad’s March Disney World Crowds page

I love the idea of just picking a couple of parks for a 3 day trip and spending 2 days in the Magic Kingdom. I think you have a very solid plan.

Now as for which days for each park, I typically say go to the Extra Magic Hours park if you have Park Hopper Passes and avoid it if you don’t. I think that’s true of your trip.

Dad’s Extra Magic Hours page

Animal Kingdom will be really busy on the 2nd with Extra Magic Hours and the extra crowds. Like significantly more busy than the 1st. So I’d probably avoid it that day.

Also, the Magic Kingdom handles crowds better than Animal Kingdom so even though the crowds will have swelled on the 2nd, the Magic Kingdom will fell less busy than Animal Kingdom that day. A lot less busy.

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Dad’s Bottom Line

I think you have a very solid plan. You did well. Stick to it and have a great time.


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