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Taking a mid-day break at Walt Disney World


by Teresa
(Tulsa, OK)


Generally, all the Disney World tips for visiting with young children suggest taking a break midday and returning to your hotel. However, I read a suggestion today that stated that you should not leave the park on the busiest days because if the park reaches capacity you may not be allowed back in. Is this true?


We will be visiting around Easter with our 3 year old daughter. I know it will be busy, but I would like to leave the park midday. Should I be concerned that we might not be allowed readmission to a park?



Take a break in the Enchanted Tiki Room

Find somewhere cool like Photo by Samantha Decker

Dad’s Take a Break Answer


Teresa, there is some truth to what you read – Disney does close the parks on the busiest days of the year. We can’t fault them for this, they have to for the health and safety of guests and Cast Members. I’ve read a lot of fear-mongering comments online that could scare people off going to Walt Disney World altogether, but we have to remember to take them with a grain of salt.


Parks will close when the reach capacity, which only happens on the absolute busiest days of the year – Christmas, New Years, the 4th of July. Sure, it can happen at other busy times like Easter, but its unusual. The Magic Kingdom is the most likely to be closed due to popularity, and EPCOT is least likely to close because of its massive size.


If you leave a park mid-day, and that park has reached capacity, you will not be allowed back in. However, most parks typically reopen once guests begin to leave, so if you were to leave around, let’s say, 2pm – you’d have time to go for a nap and a swim, maybe have dinner at your hotel, and return around 7pm, when guests would likely be admitted again.


If you are a guest at a Disney hotel, you are guaranteed entry into a park – but bear in mind that does not mean any park. If the Magic Kingdom is closed, you’ll be sent to another park that is still open for guests.


Dad’s friends at have a really great analysis of how park closures work. You can check it out here – it might help alleviate your concerns. They can really help you plan your trip – they have crowd projections that will help you figure out which day to visit which park, and their touring plans will help you see more of the park in less time so you don’t have to worry about missing out by taking a mid-day break.


Dad’s Page


Speaking of that mid-day break, take it! Trust me – from parent to parent, this is the best advice I can give. You and your daughter alike will be hot, cranky, and upset if you try to stick out the whole day in the crowds and heat, and then no one will be having fun! A nap or a swim (or both!) at the hotel are just the thing to get refreshed and recharged for more fun! Disney is tiring, and parents need a rest just as much as kids!


If you can’t get back to your room (sometimes it just doesn’t work in the plan) you can find a cool place to sit down and relax. The Man-Child is famous for this. He can sit down and get refreshed (meaning sound asleep) in several of our favorite attractions. I don’t think he’s ever seen a full showing of the Enchanted Tiki Room. (Even at 19 he slept through it.) He also loves the Hall of Presidents.

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Dad’s Bottom Line


Teresa, try not to be concerned. Do your research and make a plan to avoid the worst crowds so you don’t need to worry about re-entry. Remember to take a mid-day break. And be flexible – if you can’t get back into the park of your choice, pick another one or spend the evening doing something outside the parks – swimming, movies, Downtown Disney, mini golfing… Walt Disney World has lots to offer outside the parks!


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Comments for

Feb 02, 2012 Thanks
by: Teresa Thanks, Dad. You did answer my question. I’ve enjoyed readying your blog and site and it has been helpful in planning our upcoming trip.

Feb 01, 2012 Thanks for your opinion
by: Dad Hi Dave,

Thanks for your opinion. We try, here at Dad’s Guide to offer the best answers we can. I’m sorry this one didn’t meet your expectations.

The original question was about taking a break out of the park and whether or not Teresa and her family would be able to get back in. I think we answered that one pretty thoroughly. I did throw in a couple of ideas, The Hall of Presidents and The Enchanted Tiki Room as places to get some rest out of the hot sun.

Sometimes, when I answer these questions, I forget that not everyone has read every word I’ve written. I talk all the time about cool places to rest (one of the Man-Child’s favorite things). If you look through the park pages you’ll see lots of references to cool places to take a break.

I probably should take the time to put those all in one place, but right now my to do list has over 200 items on it all clamoring for my attention. You can look for that page right before summer when it gets hot. (Remind me if you don’t see it.)

Dave, I hope you’ll stick around. I’m mighty glad you took the time to stop by. Have a nice day,


Feb 01, 2012 Terrible Advice
by: Dave Hayden I have been to Walt Disney World a number of times. I can write better advice than you get from the chump who writes for Dads Guide. Seriously? Take a midday break, find a cool place. Wow, thank you for the incite Dad. How about a couple of suggestions at the various parks. Example. Magic Kingdom–Snack and sit down at Cosmic Rays (air conditioned), same with lunching pad. Or how about suggesting that they look at the park hours and then maybe to suggest a morning visit, then a later afternoon visit to stay out of the heat.

Anyway I’ve done enough of your job for you, best of luck. I’m ready to unlike you on facebook, so get your act together.

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