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Taking a Mid-Day Break from the Parks

by Melissa


We are going WDW 12/20-24, and doing Magic Kingdom 12/20 and 12/21. If we left around 1pm to go back to our hotel (Pop Century) for a rest and returned in the evening for the parade, fireworks and more rides, would there be a possibility that the park will have reached capacity due to holiday crowds and we can’t re-enter? We are not getting park-hopper tickets, so I am assuming that we can only return to the same park in a given day. My kids would probably benefit from a short rest during the day! Thanks, Dad!

Dad’s short Answer

Melissa, this might be the shortest answer Dad’s ever given. Christmas Day is the first day during the holidays that the Magic Kingdom closes in a normal year. I think that will be true again this year. Next year may be a different story.

Dad’s Christmas at Disney World page

Can you believe how short that answer was?

But, being Dad, I can’t stop there. Getting the little ones, and even the big ones out of the park for a rest is a great idea. It’s important for everyone to be in tip top shape during your stay. You are asking a lot from little (and big) bodies to walk 5+ miles every day.

Dad’s Bottom Line

Melissa, it sound like you have a great plan. If you don’t have park hoppers, go back to the park you started in, if you do, you can go anywhere.

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