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Taking a trip with a 1 year old and a 3 year old

by Ryan Campbell
(Williston, North Daota)

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“What are the best things to do with a three year old and a one year old at Walt Disney World? We are planning a trip for the first week in September next year. How is the weather in September?”

The Carousel of Progress is a great place to cool off in September

The Carousel of Progress is a great place to cool off – Photo by Judd Helms

Ryan, this is one I don’t have any, zero, experience with. Our son was four, almost five, the first time we took him to Disney World and that was 30 years ago almost, 25 years ago. My kids are grown big, don’t have grandkids yet, so I don’t really have a lot of experience with this.

I asked our partners at Destination to Travel, to give us an answer on this one. Nancy Casteel one of their agents, was gracious enough to send us an answer because she’s had experience with this. Not me. Anyway, so here we go. Let’s start out with the September.

Nancy says, “The weather in September is hot and humid. The crowd levels are lower at that time of the year. For everyone to have a great trip, remember to take frequent breaks in the air conditioning and stay hydrated.

Dad’s September Disney World Crowds page

Take snacks for everyone. I would suggest getting to the park early before it’s too hot. In the afternoon, try to take a break back at your resort. Fantasyland in the Magic Kingdom is a great place to start for your vacation. The Casey Jr. Splash Park is a good place to play, for the kids to play in the water.

Character meals are a good place to meet the characters and get some photos. Your three year old wants to ride an attraction you feel that is not suited for a one year old, you can do Rider Switch, which we talked about last week.

Dad’s Rider Switch page

Disney Junior would be a good place to stop in Hollywood Studios. The Land or the Seas area in EPCOT can be enjoyed by younger ones, and Rafiki’s Planet Watch in the Animal Kingdom. There are baby stations in all four theme parks should you need a place to change your infants or a quiet place to feed them.”

I think Nancy has got a good answer. There are lots of great things for the little ones.

Destinations to Travel

Dad’s Bottom Line

Trips with little ones is all about making memories. It’s all about Magical memories. It’s not about the little one’s memories, it’s about your memories, about the memories that you make with those little ones.

Think about what’s good for them. Don’t overwhelm them, get out of the parks during the afternoons for some rest time especially in September. Disney World is still going to be there. If they want to take a nap, let them take a nap. Just have fun and create memories with the kids.


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