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Taking Pictures With Characters


by Vanessa
(San Antonio, Texas )

Hi Dad! I have just confirmed my very first trip to Disney World…whoo-hoo! My nine year old son and I will be attending Star Wars Weekend (he is an absolute fanatic)! My question to you is how hard will it be to actually find and take a pictures with the characters? Should we expect to wait in lines to snap a picture with Mickey and the crew or will we have to fight a mob? Are we allowed to use our own cameras or will we have to buy the Disney Photopass photos?

Thank you in advance!

Dad’s it can be a pain Answer

The Princess and the Man-Child Getting Pictures made with Characters

The kids getting pictures made with Disney Characters

Getting pictures with Disney Characters at Disney World can be a bit of a pain, and sometimes you can stumble on to a gold mine.

We were strolling down the street at Disney Hollywood Studios on our first trip, when Roger Rabbit came rushing up to our kids and started messing with them. He stopped and signed the autograph books, and even posed for pictures (see above). It was the easiest character picture ever at Walt Disney World.

But, that was 15 years ago and times have changed. Now you usually have to line up or go to a character meal to take pictures with the Disney characters. You can use your own camera. Sure, Disney would prefer to make you buy the pictures from them, but they don’t make a big deal about it. Sometimes, they’ll even take your camera (yes, they return it) and take your picture so the whole family can get into the picture.

Dad’s Bottom Line

Vanessa, it’s become harder through the years to get pictures with the characters without standing in a long line or going to a meal. Sometimes you’ll see random characters, especially Mickey and Minny, show up and pose for pictures.

Comments for Taking Pictures With Characters

Feb 24, 2011 Character Dining

by: Vickie

We just got back from our trip to Disney, and I highly recommend booking a character meal to get the big character autographs (Mickey, Minnie, Goofy, etc.) It’s well worth it since you get to eat AND don’t have to stand in any lines…they come to your table. Each location has different characters, so if you’re child has a favorite, you might want to check to see where that character appears.

We stumbled upon some characters with no lines, but we also waited 90 minutes to meet Tinkerbell. And obviously the lesser know characters have a shorter wait.


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