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Taping of the Disney Christmas Parade 2011?


by Keith




Like many others who fell victim that visiting Disney World during the first week of December was a good idea (travel dates of 11.30-12.5), I just read a double dose of sort of bad news. First, though the ‘official’ date(s) have not been announced, Magic Kingdom usually films the Christmas Day Parade the first weekend of December, with this year being December 2nd & 3rd. With this knowledge, do you advise that I avoid the Magic Kingdom that Friday and Saturday? I was originally going to Magic Kingdom on Saturday, but may switch and go Thursday instead. I would guess it would be less crowded on a Thursday compared to a Saturday anyway.


Second dose of news is that I found out that Pop Warner Football and some cheerleading groups will be in the park as well. Good news is that the football kids do not arrive until 12.4. But, the cheerleaders arrive on 12.1, and just my luck, they are staying at my hotel (Coronado Springs). Is there anyway you could make them stay somewhere else (!) or can I request a quiet room away from all the chaos. Thankfully they will be busy during the day, and most likely will be going to the MK at night.


Any help will be greatly appreciated.





The Taping of the Disney Christmas parade

Taping of the Disney Christmas Day Parade Photo by Joe Corigliano

Dad’s it depends on the weather Answer




The Disney Christmas Day Parade is one of Dad’s least favorite Christmas at Disney World happenings. It makes for a good show on Christmas Day, but it’s not a great event to watch being created, it’s only for one day and it can really mess up the crowds at the Magic Kingdom.


Dad’s Disney Parks Christmas Day Parade page


Since you are going to be there several days they are not taping the parade, I’d plan to avoid the Magic Kingdom during the parade taping unless you just want to see how it’s done. The Magic Kingdom will be by far the busiest park the day of taping.


The big variable is the weather. If the weather is bad on Friday, then the alternate dates are Saturday then Sunday. You won’t know until a few days before what the weather forecast will be and even then weather forecasts aren’t always correct.


Dad’s Disney World Weather page


I’d plan for Thursday at the Magic Kingdom, (unless when Disney starts giving out tickets for the taping they change the date to Thursday) that way you’ll miss all the crowds and lines.


About the Pop Warner Cheerleader and Football Championships …


I would be very surprised if many cheerleader teams were at the Coronado Springs Resort. Most of the teams stay at the Value Resorts. There might be a few teams at the Coronado but it shouldn’t be overrun and should be fairly quiet.


The Coronado is a huge place. Disney is pretty good about grouping the groups (like how that flows?) and keeping them away from most guests. Just ask your Travel Agent (I hope you used Destinations to Travel) or let Disney know in advance you’d like a quiet room.

  • Destinations to Travel

Dad’s Bottom Line


Keith, even with all the extra stuff going on the first week of December is really a great time to be at Walt Disney World. Yes, the parade can cause a few headaches (but you can avoid those), yes the Pop Warner kids can get a bit annoying, but they really aren’t that bad. Hey, it’s Disney World. Enjoy!


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Comments for

Jan 25, 2014 Caribean Dec. 2013
by: Anonymous My husband @ I were at the Caribean Beach resort from Dec. 2nd. till Dec. 13th. We always like this resort it is our favorite Disney resort. All was well until Dec. 7th. I am a mom and understand kids should have fun especially at WDW, however, I wish when we booked they would have told us about the pop warner and cheer teams being there at that time. We would have booked a different date or different resort. It was truly ridiculous how MANY kids were there. We love to walk the resort in the evenings and these people made no effort to let us pass as they were blocking the sidewalk. We were the ones who had to go around Them. One of their “games” was to have four or five boys in a hammock and the others would swing it and try to turn it over to get them to fall out. I called the desk and told them, but nothing ever came of it. NOISY!!!!! YIKES!!!!!!

We liked this time of year otherwise and would like to know how far in advance does Disney know the dates so we can book accordingly.
Thank you for any information you can give on this subject.


Dad’s Answer

The Pop Warner Championships are about the same time each year. Usually they are the first full week in December. The dates are published around the first of every year. Disney just signed another 10 year contract with Pop Warner so they are going to be around for a while.

Dec 25, 2011 Parents Clueless of Appropriate Behavior
by: John C I laugh as I read comments from clueless parents praising the lady-like behavior of their princess teens. The reality is that as soon as they primadonna’s are out of ‘parent range’ most of them become rude, loud and irritating to those other guests around them.

Even worse is that in many cases this behavior occurs with coaches and parents standing right there, ignoring it all.

Unfortunately the inconsideration for others at the Disney Parks is just a sign of the times. It should be addressed by Disney being willing to remove those who can not act courteously, because in truth, rude behavior is rampant at the parks by people of all ages.

Dec 25, 2011 Cheer experience 🙁
by: Debra Jean Well I can tell you first hand I have also been in past years stuck at some hotel or park waiting in line with LOUD – OBONOXIOUS cheerleaders that DO NOT control their noise level (they travel in packs) and seem to have a gang type mentality (we outnumber you so we will do as we like)and they are NOT well behaved ladies – not everyone wants to hear constant cheering while waiting in line for 60 minutes!

Not saying ALL cheer-leading groups staying at Disney are like this but believe me after twice getting stuck visiting at same time as some competition there and dealing with these girls – we now LOOK before we book!!!

Dec 20, 2011 Cheerleaders with NCA
by: Leslee I am a proud coach from Pennsylvania that traveled with 11 high school cheerleaders for the parade. My girls won Top Game Day Team at NCA camp and were awarded this honor to participate. As others have stated, we also raised funds to participate in this activity. The National Cheerleaders Association is a very well respected organization and the girls at the resort conducted themselves in a very ladylike manner. I take offense to your comments about cheerleaders. My experience at the Coronado Springs Resort was a positive experience with the 500 cheerleaders from 29 states. I hope you watch the parade on TV to see the hard work these girls did. They looked fabulous and I know their parents and coaches are very proud of them!

Dec 10, 2011 Spirit of The Holidays!
by: Anonymous My daughter had the fortunate opportunity of performing with her school dance team for the parade taping. They too, did many fundraising events in order to participate in this amazing event. I agree that some teens can be rude, but we must remember not to bracket them all in this category. The thirteen girls that I attended with were a delight to travel with.

The park was very busy on Saturday, December 3, so I do see how it could be frustrating. As I stood in the roped off area for 8 hours awaiting the performance of my daughters dance team, I couldn’t help but think how rides would have no lines. Hang onto the positives of being in WDW during the taping.

Some final notes to share. I did find that there was a lack of communication between the organization and park officials as to where to go once arriving at the park. Special NDA bracelets really did not mean anything. In the spirit of the holidays, I Was amazed how rude adults were while watching the performance. I can’t wait to see the parade on Christmas Day. Bravo to all those that participated.

Dec 08, 2011 NCA cheerleader parade participants
by: Fryemama I am a proud cheer mom who accompanied 7 jr high cheerleaders to this years taping. Our girls were amazing. They were so respectful to everyone, even when they were treated rudely (on several occasions by guests and CMs). They gave up their bus seats every time for older guests when other grown men would not. One returned $20 to the gift shop when they gave her too much change back. They led the crowd in line for a ride to sing Happy Birthday to a little girl. As you can see, if they were your daughters you would be proud. So before you judge someone else’s child, remember-would you want someone mistreating yours because of a label?

Dec 04, 2011 Forewarning Would’ve Been Nice!
by: Anonymous Just literally got home an hour ago from WDW. We chose this time of year, as it’s usually slower than when the Holiday craziness begins. We arrived Thursday, 12/1 and there was NO mention of large groups, Justin Bieber or the taping of the parade. We understand the time and effort involved to raise money to attend, but what about the THOUSANDS of dollars the Disney Vacation Club Members and annual pass holders have spent for their piece of the Magic? There is no magic when surrounded by a bunch of screaming teenagers. Are the parents of these high school groups aware of their atrocious manners and lack of respect? It is a shame that Disney has forgotten about the mature and loyal folks!

Dec 02, 2011 Parade Taping & Cheerleaders
by: heide My daughter and her cheer team are some of the guests staying at the Coronado. The girls on her team had to individually raise $1,700 for the privilege of going to Disney World to perform for the Christmas parade. They practiced hard to earn the right to be there and almost every girl from our small town (less than 500 students in the high school) is an honor student. They are not bad kids and they have paid to be there, just like you. I’m not sure why you dislike cheerleaders so much, but this is an annual event, so perhaps you can plan accordingly and find a different hotel or different weekend for your next visit.

Nov 28, 2011 stay away from pop warner
by: Anonymous If I were you I would try to go to the parks during the day since the Pop Warner kids will be competing, but another tip is try not to go to the pool at night the Pop Warner kids are very rowdy and loud. Usually the cheerleaders do stunts in the pool and don’t respect other guests around them (unless the parents care about how their children act in public). I’ve been to Disney World during this time and will not book around that time. As for the parade taping, it’s amazing how they put everything together. I would suggest going to see how it’s done even if it is for just a few moments.

Nov 23, 2011 Cheerleaders
by: Anonymous I’m a cheer mom. We will be staying at the Coronando Hotel. The practices are in the Coronando Hotel Ballrooms. Like many cheer teams our girls WON a spot to be here and had to RAISE the money to go. They worked hard to be at Disney. YES they will be loud and excited. But you will find that most of them are nice and respectful. Should they bother you please let them know most will try to be courteous.

Nov 16, 2011 parade taping link
by: Jennifer did the link already come out? if so, can i have it? i can’t find it anywhere! thanks!


Dad Answers

I haven’t seen or heard anything either. I will post it here when it comes out. (If it does.) They are offered to Cast Members first (that happened this week). Next they will be offered to Annual Pass holders and Disney Vacation Club members. If there are any left, the will be offered to the general public.

Nov 14, 2011 Christmas taping
by: Anonymous CM The Christmas parade taping takes place on BOTH Friday December 2nd and Saturday December 3rd (I have my tickets for the taping in hand). While the park is VERY crowded, a huge portion of that crowd is there just for the parade taping (a large majority of whom are non working cast members) and generally do not venture in to the park until the taping is complete. The park shouldn’t be too crowded for attractions until the parade ends.

Nov 12, 2011 what?
by: Anonymous Why would you want to move AWAY from a hotel full of cheerleaders? I mean, assuming they’re college-aged.


Dad Responds

The teams are not college age. They can be really noisy.

Nov 01, 2011 Parade taping 2011
by: Anonymous Awesome! We are arriving on the 4th and leaving the 11th.
Hopefully the parade taping is done by the time we arrive, we are planning a visit to MK our first full day, the 5th. Hopefully the pop warner kids won’t be too bad at the parks….Thank god we are staying at Saratoga Springs, a resort that (hopefully) is out of their budget!

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