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Tell Me About the Beds at Pop Century…

by Shirley
(Carson City, NV)

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This week Dad got not one but 2 great questions about the Pop Century Resort and they both have to do with beds, so let’s tackle them together. The first is from Shirley:

We reserved a standard room at Pop Century with our flight through Southwest Airlines. We want a room with a king bed, in the 60’s building with pool view. Is there anyway to upgrade?

The second question is:

Can I put 5 ppl in Pop Century – 2 adults in one bed, and 3 little girls sharing the other bed?

beds at the pop century

Dad’s Bedtime Story Answer

These kinds of questions come up more often than you think – it’s a wonder that Disney doesn’t do more to help make the options clear for guests. But never fear, Dad is here!

Shirley, the short answer is that there is no way to guarantee an exact room that you want, but there are ways to request certain features. If you’ve booked a standard room, it’s unlikely that you’ll end up in the 60’s section, very unlikely that you’ll end up with a pool view, and extremely unlikely that you’ll get a king bed.

If you upgrade to a preferred room (about $15 more per night), you’ll definitely get a room in the 50s, 60’s or 70’s building in the wings that are closer to the main building, Classic Hall (front desk, shopping, food, buses). But they won’t guarantee you the 60’s section – you can ask at check in if anything is available.

If you upgrade to a standard pool view (around $6 more per night), you’ll definitely get a pool view – maybe of the bowling pin pool in the 50’s, probably of the computer pool in the 80s/90s, definitely not of the Hippie Dippy pool in the 60’s.

If you upgrade to a preferred pool view room (around $25 more per night), that’s your best shot at getting a pool view room in the 60s section – but it’s possible that you’ll still get a room in the 50s section, overlooking the pool.

You can call Disney directly to request the upgrade and if it’s available they’ll allow you to change your booking and pay the difference. Since you booked a package with Southwest, check your details from them – you may need to make changes directly with them instead of with Disney.

But none of that takes care of the king bed. There are only 144 king beds at the Pop Century for 2,880 rooms. That’s not many, and they are first come first served. You can’t even select it as a preference during online check in. What you can do is call the resort directly at (407) 934-7639 and ask to make a room request and they will add the King to your request – but there is still no guarantee.

If this booking is really important to you, I’d change the reservation to a preferred pool view room and then act as sweet as pie when you arrive and see if your dreams of a king bed in the 60s section can come true. But remember, even if you don’t get the exct room you want, you can still have a magical time.

hippy dippy pool

There’s no loation at the Pop Century – Photo by Judd Helms

On to the next question! The rooms at Pop Century come with 2 double beds. These can be squishy even for 2 adults – but 3 very small children might fit in. That’s not the real issue though – how old are the kids?

The Pop Century allows a maximum of 4 people in each room, plus 1 child under 3 if they are sleeping in a crib. If your daughter is under three this will be no problem – book the room with the crib and whether she sleeps in the crib or in the bed with her sisters it’s no problem. But if she’s older, you’ll need to look at getting 2 rooms, or upgrading to a family suite at Art of Animation or All-Star Music.

You may find the advice from Dad’s friend Dave over at to be very helpful in making the right room selection for your family.

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Dad’s Bottom Line

Two very different questions, but Dad promised to wrap them up with a nice little bed time story, so here it is: No matter where you stay, at WDW cares fade away. Don’t let the “wrong room” get you down, there’s so much to explore in Disney’s town! Make sure each sleepy head has a nice comfy bed and you’ll be ready for another day of having fun Mickey’s way! Okay, so Dad’s not a poet, but he sure can sing!

Comments for

Jan 15, 2018 POP century
by: Anonymous

Hello there, I am staying at POP century next week and have requested for a newly renovated room, I have also requested a king bed. I wasn’t sure if both of these requests are possible. I put a preference in to stay in the 80’s or 90’s building since these are both completely renovated, but I hope that also requesting a king sized bed doesn’t throw me in a non-renovated room. Do you know if there are king rooms in all of the buildings, or only select ones? Thank you

Dad Answers

Yes, there are King rooms in all of the decades including the already refurbished rooms.

Nov 28, 2015 small rooms
by: Anonymous

I stayed at Pop with my son. The rooms are small, but how much time do you plan to stay in the room? You will get what you pay for. If you pay a bit more at the Art of Animation they have mini-suites. Myself, niece, parents, and brother fit in it quite nicely.The food is better too!

Oct 19, 2015 Beds at Pop Century
by: Anonymous D-Fan

We’ve stayed at mid level and this was our first stay at a value. The beds were horrible. Absolutely the worst beds I’ve ever slept in. My husband also did not like beds. Fair warning if you are looking for a comfortable bed.

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