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Tell me about the behind the scenes tours at Walt Disney World

by Andrew Winges
(Wantagh, NY)

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“What can you tell me about the behind the scenes tours at Walt Disney World? How are they, which would you recommend if any, how much do they cost and is it worth it?”

Pretty Cool

A group walking on the Behind the Seeds tour

The view on the Behind the Seeds Tour is pretty cool – Photo by Brett Svenson

I haven’t been on many of the behind the scenes tours at Walt Disney World, but I can say from experience and from what I’ve heard they are all pretty awesome.

We went on the Behind the Seeds tour in EPCOT a couple of years ago. It was a good. Very informative. The group was small enough for interaction with the guide who was very knowledgable and personable.

I think we paid $20 (discounted) and it was very much worth it.

People rave about the tours. The Keys to the Kingdom tour gets really good reviews all the time, but all the tours get good reviews. I don’t think you can go wrong with any of them.

Pick the one you want to see most

As to which one I recommend, I’d choose the one that most appeals to me. The next tour I want to go on is Disney’s Magic Behind Our Steam Train Tour. But I have no interest in the EPCOT Sea Adventures – DiveQuest tour.

You should choose the tour you think you would enjoy the most.

Cost vs. Worth

Tours range from $25 to as much as you want to pay (for a VIP guided tour). You can see the prices and descriptions over on the Disney Tours and Special Events page.

As to whether it’s worth it, that’s a questions each person has to answer for themselves. The tours are a great experience and for things you are interested in it would be worth it.

But if you are pressed for time or money, then I would not recommend the behind the scenes tours.

Destinations to Travel

Dad’s Bottom Line

The Behind the Scenes tours at Walt Disney World are pretty special. If you have the interest, the time and the money, I’d say pick the one that appeals to you most and go for it.


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