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Thanksgiving weekend crowds at Disney World


by Amy




you’ve talked a lot about the park and how crazy it is on Christmas Day. And I know over Thanksgiving weekend it will be crowded… Are the parks likely to stop admitting guests like they do on Christmas…or are the not quite to that level?


You see we had some changes in our travel plans which have us arriving in Orlando Sat the 27th of November instead of Sunday. So we decided that we might like to visit Magic Kingdom…or possibly another park that day. But we probably would not be arriving to the park at opening. So I guess I am wondering if doing a half day that day. is a good idea or are we likely to get shut out because of too many crowds.



Dad’s this is an easy one Answer


Hi, Amy, welcome back. Got that baby sitter lined up yet?


I don’t remember any that closed the parks. I will say that Saturday won’t be a good day to tour the Magic Kingdom, but since you’re going to be there all week, I’d probably go to the Magic Kingdom when I arrived.


Even if it’s crowded? Yep, even if it’s crowded. There’s just something magical about walking down Main Street that first day and seeing Cinderella Castle for the first time. Also, there is that first ride on the monorail and hearing my favorite phrase in the whole world … All together now … Por favor montenganse se alejado de las puertas. What a thrill.


Don’t worry too much about riding rides, just enjoy the park.


Grab a hot dog at Casey’s Corner for me, just make sure to ask for a white bread bun.


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Comments for

May 14, 2012 Thanks
by: Dana I totally see your point (especially here in black and white!) I tend to be a little ambitious much to my husband’s chagrin! I think I will shoot for Saturday (have planned that as a Hollywood day anyway) and relax a bit when we arrive (stop to smell the Christmas and all!) enjoy the boardwalk and maybe walk on over to EPCOT for the fireworks! We have a big day (and early) planned at MK for thanksgiving…thanks so much for the advice!

May 11, 2012 Doing the Thanksgiving Thing
by: Dana We too are taking the plunge and heading for Disney over Thanksgiving. We arrive on the 21st and leave on the 26th. Am planning a bit of a marathon as far as Christmas goes… Candlelight Processional on Friday the 23rd and Mickey’s Party on the 25th.

My boys are now 12 and 8 which is a big difference that 2 and 6 which is the last time we visited. My question is, the plan when we arrive is to go over to Hollywood Studios and catch the Fantasmic show at 8…

Would like to make dinner reservations (thru that dinner package) for 5:30…we should be at our Resort (the boardwalk!!) well before 4…do you think that’s plenty of time to get Disney ready? Enjoy your trip! Love love love your site!!


Dad’s Answer



Wow. That’s cutting it close. I’d say it depends on how you are traveling. If you are flying, I wouldn’t cut things that close. Your plane could easily be delayed. Your luggage could get hung up. Lots of things could happen.

If you are planning to use Disney Transportation, arriving at the Boardwalk at 4:00, checking in (if your room is ready) then cleaning up, getting on a bus, getting into the park, walking to the restaurant all by 5:30, that’s pretty ambitious.

Yes, you could do it, if everything goes perfectly, but if there are any hiccups, you might be in a bit of trouble.

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