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The 5 reasons I love the Disney Dream

by Dad
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I hope you got to tune into my trip report the other day about our Disney cruise. We just had so much fun on our Disney cruise.

Dad talks about his Disney Cruise

This week, I wanted to talk about my top five things from our #DisneyCruise.

The Disney Dream

I love the Disney Dream because it's such a beautiful ship

The Dream is impressive everywhere it goes – Photo by Brett Svenson

The first of my five favorite things about our Disney cruise was the Disney Dream. We’ve been on the Dream before back in 2012. We went on the Magic last year, and didn’t have a great impression of the Magic. We were a little worried that Disney was slipping when we went on the Dream, but no.

I love the Disney Dream. It’s just … We’ve sailed three other ships and had a great time, but the Disney Dream is my favorite. Just everything, it’s beautiful, it was clean everywhere we went. It was well maintained. You walk onto the ship, and they say, “The Disney Dream welcomes the Trent Family” and you walk down the red carpet.

You walk on, you walk into that amazing atrium, it’s just got a staircase where you can imagine Cinderella running down it and losing her shoe right there on that staircase. You can just see it happening, it just has that kind of feel, that royal palace feel.

The atrium is four stories tall. It’s just beautiful, gold trim, just amazing tile, luscious carpet. It’s just an amazing way to walk onto the ship. We went up to our room, the rooms were nice. The decks were nice. Everything was ship shape.

Dad’s Disney Dream page

The Food

The entrance to Palo

Palo was something very special – Photo by Dad

The second thing I loved about the Disney Dream was the food. We didn’t have such a great experience, food wise, when we went on the Magic last year, but the food we had on the Disney Dream was good, really, really, good. Every meal we had was top notch.

We started at Animator’s Palate, I was worried about Animator’s Palate because there wasn’t really anything on the menu I really wanted to try. They had a chicken thing, but that really didn’t hit the spot. I wanted something fancy, but I ended up getting the chicken. It was good. It was a really, really, good meal.

The desserts were good. For the most part, everything was just fine. Soups, not so good, but everything else… Yummy!

The best meal we had was at Palo. Palo is an adults only restaurant and it is very special. We did the Palo brunch on the Magic, and it was outstanding, but dinner at Palo is an experience. It’s Italian food. I love Italian food, my favorite kind of food. I love steak, but I love Italian food just as much..

I chose the gnocchi as my appetizer. Now, I’ve eaten gnocchi a lot, I like gnocchi a lot, so I wanted to see what their gnocchi was like. Oh my goodness, that first bite of gnocchi, I put that first gnocchi in my mouth, oh, wow, my eyes rolled into the back of my head. It was just perfect, so light, so airy. The sauce, it wasn’t dipped in sauce, it was just touched by sauce which was perfect. It was just an amazing, amazing, taste.

Dessert, I had the souffle for dessert, the chocolate souffle. I had heard about it, but tasting it was just an awesome experience. The food on the Disney Dream was really good.

The Shows

Belle and the Beast waltz the night away in the Beauty and the Beast show on the Disney Dream

Beauty and the Beast was an AWESOME show – Photo by Disney

Every night there’s a show. We went to all the shows. They were all good, but Beauty and the Beast was the middle night we were on the ship.

The show was Beauty and the Beast. It’s a new show to the Dream. It started in December. It’s really a brand new show. It is modeled after the live action, so you’ve got the Beast with the horns, and some more depth to the story. It was just fabulous.

Belle came out in the first scene. You could just hear, if you closed your eyes, it just took me right back to the animated version. It was just well, well, done. Belle was perfect for the part. The Beast was a big hefty guy. Gaston had real muscles, so it was just well cast and well done.

The other shows were good to. We’d seen them both before. Disney does stage shows better than anyone anywhere.

Castaway Cay

Castaway Cay is very colorful

The colors on Castaway Cay are pretty amazing – Photo by Brett Svenson

The next thing I like about our Disney cruise was Castaway Cay. Now Castaway Cay is Disney’s private island. It’s located in the Bahamas. Most of the cruises, the Caribbean cruises, all stop there. We pulled in, in the morning, it was a beautiful day. There was talk of rain, but it didn’t happen. Our cabin, we had a perfect view out over Castaway Cay, just a perfect day.

Mrs. Mom and I aren’t really beach people. Typically, when we go to the beach, we don’t really go to the beach, but Castaway Cay is one place we do go to the beach. Last year, we went out to Serenity Bay and sat out there for a couple hours. This year, one of our friends had a cabana rented, so we went down to the cabana, cabana number 10. What happens at cabana number 10, stays in cabana number 10.

But it was a great day, we were only going to stop by the cabana for a few minutes and just say, “Hello.” We ended up staying almost two hours. We ate lunch there. Cookies Bar-B-Que is just a little ways away from the cabanas, so we walked up to Cookies and got our lunch, came back, ate it with our buddies, and just sitting around talking to our friends, being able to go out on the beach was Magic. Beautiful beach, right down into the water. Some of the people were going into the water and walking around. Water’s not very deep, but it’s just bright.

It’s just a great day. We really enjoyed our time on Castaway Cay.


A couple relaxing on Castaway Cay with the Dream in the background

There is just nothing better than a relaxing cruise – Photo by Brett Svenson

The last thing I love about our Disney cruise is relaxation. You unplug, you can’t get cellphone coverage, so there’s no cellphone bothering you. I turned the computer off. I didn’t even get my laptop out for three days. That’s just unheard of, I live on my laptop. It was just nice time to unwind, take naps. On Saturday, we took three naps. I mean, it this cruise was all about relaxation. Sitting the beach chairs in the adult area and just relaxing, just was a perfect time to unplug and relax.

Destinations to Travel

Dad’s Bottom Line

Bottom line is, we had a wonderful time on the Disney cruise. It was just amazing. I highly recommend that you go on a Disney cruise, take the kids. This was our third trip as adults, no kids, no grandkids, just Misses Mom and I. And we even enjoy that. There’s so much to do. You really don’t even notice them. They’re all down in the kid’s area. Unless you go to the pool, and spend time in the pool, you really don’t notice them. Food is good. The atmosphere is good. The Disney Dream is a beautiful ship. It was just a great cruise.

If you would like to get to book a Disney cruise, I highly recommend that you get in touch with our partners at Destinations to Travel. They can help you with a Disney cruise. They know Disney Cruise Line and they’ll be able to assist you in planning your trip. Now, if you want to throw in some time at Disney World, that’s even better.

Dad’s Destinations to Travel Page

If you’ve been on a Disney cruise, if you’ve been on the Disney Dream, tell us about it down in the comments. Love to hear what you think about the Disney Dream and a Disney Cruise.


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