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The Best Character Dining Experience at Walt Disney World?

by Lee Anne Robertson
(Oshkosh, Wi)

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“Hi, Dad. What is the best character dining experience? Been to Chef Mickey’s and are looking for something new. Thinking of Tusker House at Animal Kingdom. Any thoughts?”

Dad and Mickey Mouse at Tusker House

Dad had breakfast with the boss at Tusker House

Leanne, that’s just such a hard question to answer because the best character dining experience at Walt Disney World just depends. What do you want? What characters do you like? What kind of food do you like? Yeah, most of the character dining experiences are buffets, but not all of them are. What looks good to you? Do you want to go eat breakfast? Or do you want to go with a meal with Donald and Daisy and all the characters around Tusker House?

Dad’s Tusker House page

We had breakfast at Tusker House last week. As with most Disney’s breakfast buffets, it was pretty good. While we were 2 adults and weren’t really interested in the characters, it was fun to watch the interaction with the characters and the kids.

Anyway, which experience is best depends on what you want. Do you like Lilo and do the kids like Lilo and Stitch? If you want to do Lilo and Stitch, you’d go over to the ‘Ohana’s Lilo and Stitch breakfast. If you like, let’s see, say princesses, you’d go to Cinderella’s Royal Table or to Akershus to the Princess Fairytale meals, breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Chip and Dale, you’d go over to the Garden Grill. You just go where the characters are that you want to see. Also, you look at the menus. Some of the menus, like the Tusker House in the lunch and dinner, have some things that are a little out of the normal range of what steak and potatoes that Dad likes.

Destinations to Travel

Dad’s Bottom Line

The bottom line is you’ve got to check out the character dining experiences at Walt Disney World to see which is the best for you. Disney’s website is the place to start, because it shows you who all the characters are, and you can check the menus. (Disney’s Character Dining page) That’s where I would start.


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