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The Best Day to Check In to Walt Disney World

by Dad
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What is the best day to check-in at Walt Disney World? That’s a good question with a really easy answer.

When is the Best Day to Check into Disney calendar graphic

A few years ago (my, how time files) my buddy Dave from wrote a post about how long to stay at Walt Disney World. His advice at the time was 8 days. It’s now 9 (according to Dave).

OK, so 9 days. That sounds cool. A little long in my book, but cool.

But that got me thinking, if you stay 9 days you might stay over 2 weekends. Ouch. That would be some major extra cash. And that led me to the question, no matter how long your stay, what is the best day to check in at Walt Disney World?

The Weekend Penalty

Did you know that Disney charges more for Friday and Saturday nights? Sometimes a lot more.

Here are the rough amounts as of February 2017 –

  • Value Resorts – $25 to $40 per night
  • Moderate Resorts – $12 to $40 per night
  • Deluxe Resorts – $20 to over $100 per night
  • Deluxe Villa Resorts – there doesn’t seem to be any price difference but there is a significant difference in points

That means on a summer weekend (Friday and Saturday nights) you’re paying an extra $40 at a Value Resort. PER NIGHT! If you follow Dave’s 9 night suggestion could pay a bunch extra.

The Foosball players in the Pop Century

So when is the best time to check in to the Pop Century? – Photo by Judd Helms

The Best Day to Check In at Walt Disney World

That leads me to say that the best time to check in to Walt Disney World is Sunday Night.

Yes, Sunday night. If you are staying exactly 7 nights (or any multiple thereof) it doesn’t matter. At all. But any other length stay you will pay more if you check in on any other than Sunday night! If you’re only staying for 4 or 5 nights Sunday is perfect. You won’t pay the “Weekend Penalty”.


Destinations to Travel LLC.

The Next Step

Confused? That’s OK. Dad can help. The Next Step is to get in touch with our partners over at Destinations to Travel. They well versed in the Weekend Penalty and can help you figure out the best day to check into Walt Disney World.

Oh and they will help with dining reservations, FastPass+, the MyDisneyExperience app and everything else you need to know to make a great vacation happen.

To find out more go to –

Dad’s Destinations to Travel page

Dad’s Bottom Line

The Bottom Line is the “best” day to check in to Walt Disney World is any day you can. That’s obvious, but the real best day is Sunday. Yep, Sunday. Dad’s so good.


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