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The best Disney Word park when it rains

by Jenn Vink

Thanks for the answer to my last question! Now I have another one. What is the best Disney World park when it rains? Thanks!

Dad’s break out the B. J. Thomas album


Maybe it’s time for the old Dad to do a B. J. Thomas imitation …

“Raindrops keep fallin’ on my head,
But that doesn’t mean my eyes will soon be turin red,
Cryin’s not for me, those, raindrops keep fallin’ on my head they keep fallin’ …”

Now wasn’t that just the best thing ever? Dad sings so good! (What do you mean? Gag me with a spoon?)

The best Disney World park when it rain is … Let’s take a look. What makes a good park when it rains? Good answer. Rides packed close together that have roofs over the places where you stand in line. Which park does that sound like?

It rains at Disney World?

The Elephant in the river at the Jungle Cruise
Picture by Express Monorail

Animal Kingdom? Nah, it’s only got a few rides and they are widely spaced. You have to walk a long way between rides. Plus it’s the biggest park area wise, so we’ll rule out Animal Kingdom.

Next, let’s look at Disney Hollywood Studios. Same thing here. The few rides are mostly widely spaced and there is not any covered areas where you can walk between rides.

OK, how about EPCOT. EPCOT is a great place if it’s cold, because all the lines are totally inside buildings. If it’s raining, you’ll have a long walk (especially in the World Showcase) between rides.

And the winner is … The Magic Kingdom. Yep, Uncle Walt’s original creation is still the best. Main Street USA is designed so that you can walk from the front gate almost all the way down Main Street without ever going outside. (This can be a good escape route during the parade.)

Look at the way the lands are designed. Most of them have several rides closely spaced. Some have walkways that are covered. Uncle Walt was a genius, and his guys today would do well to go back and re-look at the original design and start copying it in the other parks. (Oh, yeah, the Magic Kingdom has 40 or so attractions, lots more than any other park.)

Dad’s Bottom Line

Jenn, you won’t stay totally dry at the Magic Kingdom, but you will stay drier than the other parks.

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