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The Caribbean Beach Resort – A bad experience – Part II

Dad’s been a little lax in telling his little stories lately. So, to remedy that little situation, here’s a little story about a little incident.

We had a bad experience on one of our Disney World trips. There I’ve admitted it, now lets move on. What? You want details. OK, fine, you asked for it. (Don’t you just love it when Dad talks to himself but pretends your talking to him.)

I’ve chronicled the reason for the bad experience when I talked about how weather can effect your perfect vacation. But as Paul Harvey used to say, let me tell you the rest of the story.

On our previous visit to Disney World we stayed in the Polynesian Resort. This time, the government wasn’t paying for our trip, so we had to economize and stay in the cheapest Disney hotel. (This was before the All Stars were built.) At that time the cheapest Disney World hotel was the Caribbean Beach Resort.

At the Polynesian, sleeping arrangements went like this – Mrs. Mom and The Princess in one queen size bed. The Man-Child in his cave on the day bed. And Dad as king of the family (Shhhhh, don’t tell Mrs. Mom I said that) got to sleep all by his lonesome in the other queen size bed. Life was good.

But, this time, we weren’t at the Polynesian. This was the Caribbean Beach Resort. There were only 2 beds at the Caribbean Beach Resort. They were not queen sized beds. Yes, I know, The Man-Child wasn’t 6′ 5″ yet, but he was growing, and he was quite used to sleeping in a bed all by himself. Right in the middle of the bed. Now Dad is OK when Mrs. Mom decides to sleep in the middle of the bed, but The Man Child has sharp elbows and knees and uses them when he sleeps.

Aside from being wet all week, I never got a good nights sleep.

Yes, now you can book 2 rooms at the Pop Century or All Star Resorts for about the same price as one room at the moderate resorts. Works for Dad.

Dad’s Disney Caribbean Beach Resort page

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