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The Chapeau


The Chapeau is located on Main Street USA in the Magic Kingdom. It's the best place in the Magic Kingdom to get Mickey or Minnie ears or any of the other silly hats that Disney is so famous for.

The Chapeau Sign

The sign for The Chapeau on Main Street

Photo by Retromodems


Chapeau is a French word (duh) that means hat or other covering for the head. The Disney hats available here are really neat. Every kid has seen "Mouse Ears". You can also buy things like baseball caps (with Disney logos), Goofy hats, Disney Santa hats, hard hats, soft hats, or just about any hat you can imagine.



You can even customize your Mickey Ears with patches or letters. Embroidery is available in three different colors (for an additional fee, of course).


Check out Dad's story about a Christmas Tigger hat purchased at The Chapeau.

Prices and stuff

Mickey and Minnie Mouse Ears are some of the most popular and least expensive souvenirs available in the Magic Kingdom. Prices start at around $10.


There all all kinds of knickknacks that you can buy here. There are key chains, patches, and all kinds of Disney souvenirs available starting at about $2.00.


HINT: Mickey ears tend to get smashed or lost during the day. It's a good idea to make this one of your last stops, like when your waiting for the evening parade.

Name Tags

Have you always wanted one of those cool name badges all of the Disney World cast members wear? You can buy one here and have it personalized. Somebody send me three.


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Dad's Bottom Line

The whole family can enjoy shopping here on Main Street USA. Everyone needs at least one set of Mouse Ears or at least on silly Disney hat. Get yours today.