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The day after Gay Days

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“Even though Gay Days ends June 3rd, does Gay Day crowd still have a presence there on June 4th? We will have small children and want to avoid the event all together. Thank you.”

Gay Days is one of those events that is pretty well confined to the park of the day. So if you go to Disney World during the Gay Days timeframe, the first weekend in June, the first Saturday in June, and whatever dates are before that, four dates, Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday. But it’s the first weekend in June, always the first weekend in June.

Dad’s Disney Gay Days page

As long as you avoid the park of the day, I think it’s Animal Kingdom on Thursday, Hollywood Studios on Friday, Magic Kingdom on Saturday, and EPCOT onSunday.

As long as you avoid the park of the day, actually, you’ll be there with nobody else. It’s one of the slowest weeks of the year, except for those parks.

As to the day after, there might be a little bit of residual hangover. There might be some people that stay over to the next day, but you don’t get the real “un-Disney-llke” behavior that’s been reported during the event.

Now, there are gay people, gay couples in the park everyday. We saw several of them this week. It just is part of life. It is the way of the world and you’re not going to be able to avoid that, but the festivities, the things that go on, you won’t see any of that. That’s just for those four days in those four parks.

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Dad’s Bottom Line

So, I wouldn’t worry about it. You’ll be fine. Just avoid the Gay Days parks during the time that you’re there.


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