The day after Presidents Day crowds

The day after Presidents Day crowds

by Lori

You seem to be the only website that indicates the day after Presidents day crowds will be light. What makes you believe this have you been there over this time period (we are arriving the day after Presidents Day).

Dad's crystal ball Answer


I have a crystal ball with a direct line to Uncle Walt himself why tells me what the crowds will be every day when I'm making up the calendars. Not really.

History is what makes me thing the day after Presidents Day crowds will be light. It's the typical pattern. There is a lull between President's day and the beginning of spring break a couple of weeks later.

The FREE dining Disney is offering my increase the crowds some, but I talked to someone who was just there who said the crowds are non-existent right now, which makes me think that FREE dining is filling up the Disney resort, but hurting the hotels around Disney World.

Dad's Bottom Line

Arriving the day after Presidents Day you should experience light crowds.

Gotta run, Uncle Walt's calling.

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