The Disney World Monorail won’t run during evening Extra Magic Hours

by Dad

There are some reports that the Disney World Monorail will quit running 1 hour after the Magic Kingdom closes EVEN on nights where evening Extra Magic Hours are happening.

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Disney World Monorail won’t run during Evening Extra Magic Hours

Disney World Monorail and Extra Magic Hours
Photo by Jeff_B.

This is causing a big hubub over on some of the Disney World forums. Really? Is this such a big deal? The only people it really effects are those staying at one of the monorail hotels. If you are staying in one of the non-monorail hotels, you are going to grab a bus at the Magic Kingdom bus stop. Or, you are going to ride the ferry back to the parking lot and grab your car.

If you are staying at a monorail hotel, the launches and the ferry will still run. The only caution about this announcement is don’t park at EPCOT and go to Evening Extra Magic Hours at the Magic Kingdom.

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Dad’s Bottom Line

This just make sense for Disney. It takes 15 or more cast members to keep the monorails running no matter how many guests are on each train. I’m sure Disney has taken a good look at how many guests are on the monorails during evening Extra Magic Hours at the Magic Kingdom and determined that it’s not economical to continue using them. No big deal.

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