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The Magic Kingdom on December 25th!

by Nikki

Hello DAD……my family of six are spending Christmas in Orlando, from Dec 17 – Dec 30, 2010 and on Dec 25th we have reservations to dine @ Cinderella’s Castle, yahooo, finally, after all the times we’ve been to the Magic Kingdom. My question is…..what is the best time to line up for entry into the Magic Kingdom on December 25th, Christmas morning?? Also, is there anything else I should know for that day and would EPCOT be awesome for Christmas Eve??? Any info would be greatly appreciated for this special time of year!!!

Dad’s what do I say to this one Answer

Hi, Nikki. How’s the weather up there? Someone told me a couple of weeks ago that you were having a heatwave. Our weather here has been absolutely perfect. (Yes, I’m stalling.)

OK, I guess I’ll get on with it.

First congratulations on getting Christmas Day reservations to Cinderella’s Royal Table. That’s quite a feat.

Wow, the Magic Kingdom on December 25th. When should you get there? Well let me see, if you actually want to get into the park, I would highly suggest you arrive at the parking lot at least one hour before the scheduled opening time of 9:00 (Disney might change that to 8). BUT, if you are staying at one of the Disney hotels, I’d suggest you get there for Extra Magic Hours. Be at the front gate at 7:30. (Disney has been known to open the gates early on big days. Sometimes.)

Yes, I mean first thing in the morning. With Christmas Day being on a Saturday this year, and with Extra Magic Hours, Dad’s best guess is that Disney will start turning guests away between 10:00 and 11:00 am. YES!!! Turning guests away. If you are staying in a Disney hotel, you’ll probably have until about 11:00 to 11:30. It doesn’t matter that you have PREPAID reservations to Cinderella’s Royal Table, you will NOT get in after they start turning guests away.

As for EPCOT on Christmas Eve, I’d suggest another park. Why? Because of Extra Magic Hours. EPCOT will be the busiest park on Christmas Eve, and it’s evening Extra Magic Hours so for you to really enjoy EPCOT, you’d have to stay at the park until midnight, get back to your hotel, get up in time to get to the Magic Kingdom by 7:30 or so, that just sounds like a bad plan.

You all know that Dad loves Christmas at Disney World he’s just not a big fan of Christmas Day at the Magic Kingdom.

Dad’s Bottom Line

Sorry, Nikki if I rained on your parade a bit, but it’s better to find out now than when you are standing in a 4 hour line to get a Coke. (Which you might end up doing in the Magic Kingdom on December 25th.) Christmas Day crowds at will be unbelievable even if you’ve been there on a busy day before. Make sure you take advantage of the 17th through the 22nd. Plan to hit the parks hard those days so all you have to do after the throngs hit is people watch and enjoy the shows.

Comments for The Magic Kingdom on December 25th!

Dec 10, 2012

What’s your advise?

by: Anonymous

Hi! I’m traveling from Peru with my boyfriend in search of a lifetime Christmas and New Year’s Eve experience… now it doesn’t sound that much of a good idea… ha!

We arrive at Orlando Dec. 25 by mid day and will love to perceive some of the Christmas magic. We already bought tickets for all the parks… Was thinking to hit Magic Kingdom for the late night parade… do you think it’s a good idea or shall we go to Downtown Disney to sneak around for a while?…what do you suggest us to do?

And for new year’s Eve?… btw it’s not the first time for us @ Disney… So we are not dying to get on the rides but to enjoy the show!

Thanks a lot for your advise & happy holidays!

Dad’s Answer

MMmmmm. This is a tough question. If you don’t care so much about the rides, Christmas Day in the Magic Kingdom is OK. It will be hugely crowded, but you should be able to find a spot to see the late parade. You should be able to get in. Most of the time the park closes to new guests early in the day, but opens back up in the afternoon.

As to New Years Day, go early and enjoy what you can. The fireworks shows are magnificent. You might think about heading over to the Polynesian and staking out a spot on the beach. You might find a better spot to watch the show from over there.

If you get to the parks early. Take your time and enjoy what you can, you should have a good time.

Nov 27, 2012


by: Anonymous

opening is at 8 am not 9 am

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