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The Polynesian Resort at Disney World –

We’ve stayed at the Polynesian Resort three times when we went to Disney World. The same thing happens every time we walk into the room. The Man-Child runs to the day bed and stakes out his territory. I swear if he was a dog he’d mark it.

The first time we stayed at the Polynesian Resort, he claimed the day bed for his own, and set up his nest. It’s been his ever since.

What’s really amazing, the last time we stayed there, The Man-Child was over 6 feet tall, and still wanted the day bed, even though he was really too big for it. The Princess tried to claim it, and give The Man-Child the bigger queen bed, but he growled at her, and let her know in no uncertain terms that the day bed was his.

This is a great thing for the family. From the time he was little the Man-Child, bless his heart, has slept in the dead middle of the bed. This is only a problem if you have to sleep with him, like Dad usually does when we travel. 

The day beds at the Polynesian Resort are just another of the hundred things that make it Dad’s favorite Disney World hotel.

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  2. Love your page. Very informative. This will be our first time staying at the Poly. We booked a room called pool or lagoon view. My question is, my son is 6 ft tall, will he fit on the day bed or should we bring our inflatable bed?

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  3. Hello, love your page. It has been very helpful so far as we begin planning our Disney trip. Which “Longhouse” do you recommend staying in?

  4. Hi my family of 5 (adults) is planning to stay at the Polynesian. Originally only 4 people were going. We are trying to figure out if the day bed is actually comfortable for sleeping or is simply just a couch people do sleep on. Also, I know we are probably only supposed to have 4 adults in the room and not 5 but will it be a problem for us just to squeeze in?

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