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The Red Swimsuit

“Are you all going to be here tomorrow?” the monorail driver asked. (Yes, this was back in the stone ages when Disney let families ride in the cabs of the monorails.)

Such an innocent question.

“Yes” I said cautiously, sensing something deeper, “but we’re planning to leave around noon, why do you ask?”

“Are you going to be in one of the parks?” he said.

“Yes, we were planning to visit Typhoon Lagoon. Is that important?” By this time Dad was getting real curious. Just what is happening tomorrow?

“Don’t wear red” our buddy the monorail driver said.

Now both Mrs. Mom and I were totally freaking, because we both knew, that …

Dad’s Swimsuit was RED!

“So, friend monorail driver (I probably said his name, but I can’t remember it anymore) why shouldn’t we wear red tomorrow?”

“Tomorrow is the day that happy people (OK, he didn’t say happy people, but you get my drift) celebrate at Disney World. It’s not something Disney publicizes, but they’ll be everywhere and red is the “color” to signal your happiness.”

We packed that night and didn’t make it to Typhoon Lagoon.

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