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The top 5 things that keep me coming back to a Disney Cruise

by Dad
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Mrs. Mom and I are celebrating big birthdays in the next year or so. We’ve been kicking around the idea of taking a big trip. On the top of our big trip list is taking another Disney Cruise. We’re looking for something fun and comfortable and a Disney Cruise is our top choice.

Now you might be thinking, you are adults, why a Disney Cruise? Why not some other cruise line that’s more adult? That’s a good question and it’s one we are asking ourselves.

We’ve looked at several different cruise lines and their options but we keep coming back to Disney. Yes Disney! I thought it might be instructive to talk about the 5 things that keep us coming back to a Disney Cruise.

Dad’s Disney Cruise Line page

I’m Kind of a Disney Nut

Dad the Disney Nut in front of the Disney Magic

I am a total Disney nut – Photo by Dad

Probably the main reason we come back to a Disney Cruise is we like Disney. We’re comfortable with Disney. We are Disney fans. Me, I’m kind of a Disney nut and Mrs. Mom is a big fan too. We are into Disney shows, characters, decorations, souvenirs… You get my drift.

Disney is Comfortable

Mrs. Mom gets really comfortable on our Disney Cruises

Mrs. Mom got pretty comfortable – Photo by Dad

Another big reason we are Disney Cruise fan is, like most of what Disney does, the Disney Cruise Line is comfortable. It’s like my napping blanky. It’s familiar and comfortable. Other cruise lines can be a bit stuffy. They can be somewhat uncomfortable in places. Or they are too rowdy. I’m not much of a reveler. I’m more of a PG kind of guy. Off colored things make me somewhat uncomfortable.

Disney Cruise Line is like my blanket. It’s my speed. It has the things I like. It has the shows I like. It has the entertainment I like. It has the people I like. It has the service I like. It’s just comfortable.


The Disney Cruise ships have character like Mickey and Friends on the bow of the Disney Dream

Mickey cleaning up the ship is just cool – Photo by Brett Svenson

The next thing that keeps me coming back to Disney is the ships are colorful. When I look at other cruise lines, I’m not enthralled by the decor. They are all pretty much boring cookie cutter white. The rooms, halls, dining rooms, etc. all look the same.

Disney ships have character. They have color. Just take a look at them. Blue and Yellow and Red are everywhere. The carpets are richly colorful. The walls are beautiful wood paneling. The restaurants are bright, airy and have flair.
Other cruise lines tend to be paint by number. Hull – white. Inside lots of cream, beige and tan. BORING! I like lively. The Disney Cruise ships are lively but they are still very comfortable.

Food, food and more food

Lemon and Thyme Chicken from Animator's Palate

The food is really good – Photo by Dad

Number four is the food. When we look at a cruise, the first thing we think about is the food. That’s what a cruise is all about food, food and more food. We like the food on the Disney Cruise ships.

One of the reasons I’ve shied away from some of the moderately priced cruise lines is the food. I’ve read a lot of reviews and most of the mid level cruise ships suffer from indifferent or even bad reviews when it comes to food.

Mrs. Mom and I are amateur foodies. Sorta. We like good, well prepared food. Both of us are steak lovers. We are always looking for good steaks, but we’ll try other things. Hey, I tried Osso Buco on our last cruise and loved it (yes, it’s a form of steak).

When we look at menus for other cruise ships the food doesn’t interest us all that much. We’re comfortable (there’s that word again) with the food that Disney serves and going away from that scares us a little.


Fireworks at sea on the Disney Dream are really cool

Pirate’s night and the fireworks at sea are just cool – Photo by Brett Svenson

The fifth thing that keeps me coming back to a Disney Cruise is the entertainment. You can’t beat the entertainment on a Disney Cruise. Disney has the BEST shows. On the longer cruises the extra entertainment is flat good.

The Pirates night show (including fireworks at sea), the sail away party, the movies on the big screen, the movies on the TV, all the entertainment is top notched. It’s Disney. It’s good. It’s comfortable.

The Arguments

Trent playing in the kids area on the Disney Dream

Yes, there are kids, but not that many – Photo by Brett Svenson

Oh, I know all the arguments. It cost more than other cruise lines. Yes it does. What about all the kids? I think you’d be surprised by the ratio of adults to kids and how many un-kidded adults are on a Disney Cruise. We’ve never been bothered by kids on Disney and we’ve been on 3 cruises as adults.

Disney only has four ships, they have limited itineraries. So? I’m not really interested in going to Timbuktu or West Uzbekistan. I’m pretty comfortable with the Caribbean (except I get nervous about the pirates) and maybe an occasional Alaska or Panama Canal cruise.

Destinations to Travel

Dad’s Bottom Line

Yeah, it does cost more to go on a Disney Cruise, but in my mind it’s worth it. Disney’s service is outstanding. The cabin are bigger. They are more comfortable. The entertainment blows other cruise lines away. The food is good. The ships have character and for Disney nuts it’s just the best option. There are just so many reasons to go back to a Disney Cruise. I can’t wait.

Hey Mrs. Mom. Where’s the credit card? I’m ready too book this trip!

Oh and if you’d like more information about a Disney Cruise, head over and talk to our partners at Destinations to Travel. They can get you all set up.

Dad’s Destinations to Travel Page

If you’ve been on a Disney Cruise, what did you think about it? Is it something you would do as an adult? I’d love to hear about it. Tell me down in the comments whether you’d go on a Disney cruise or not as an adult.


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