The Truly Magical Magic Kingdom Experience

The Truly Magical Magic Kingdom Experience

by Richelle


First off, I would like to say that I value this site more than all the other fan-based sites together.

My family (me, husband, kids 15, 12 who love thrill rides) recently bought 4 day 4 park tickets, and I REALLY value our Magic Kingdom experience. I CAN NOT seem to feel comfortable without a detailed plan of what we need to do, and when we need to do it. Therefore, I need Dad's help.

We have planned a day in Early May to visit Magic Kingdom (Based on Dad's calendar), and I would really appreciate a good way to avoid crowds and get a truly magical Magic Kingdom experience.

We would like to see the fireworks and the parades, so could you help me out with trying to work around these events?

Thank you(:

Dad's here we go Answer


I'm sorry I've put this off so long (yes, no one else knows, but Richelle and me), maybe it will be worth the wait.

A True Magical Magic Kingdom Experience
by Dad

Truly Magical

Cinderella Castle is part of a truly Magical Magic Kingdom Experience
Photo by express monorail

There are people out there that work every day to come up with the perfect Magic Kingdom plan for everyone. (Dad knows he's one of those people.) A magical little box that will spit out a perfect plan were you'll be able to ride your favorite rides and see all the shows and the parades and the fireworks and eat in Cinderella Castle and ...

It'll never happen. Disney put out a statistic this year that boggled my mind. They said the average guest sees 9 (yes, the number after 8) attractions on an average day at the Magic Kingdom. That's amazing. NINE! That's why Richelle is wise to ask Dad for help. I'm planning to get some T-shirts that say "we do 9 attractions before breakfast". Anyone want one?

OK, enough ranting. Let's help Richelle.

Where do you start your day? First, you have to be at the front gate at least 30 minutes before opening time. This is not leaving the hotel 30 minutes before, this is at the gate, through security, chomping at the bit waiting for Disney to open up and let you in to the rope drop area.

When you get in the park, walk down the right side of Main Street. As soon as the rope drops, your going to hot foot it to Space Mountain and "ride Captain ride upon your mystery ship." (No Dad's not smokin anything.)

As soon as you get off, walk, don't run to Buzz Lightyear. Only ride once (you'll be tempted to go again, but Trust Me.) "To Infinity and Beyond"

Now we're going to walk a bit. Go from Buzz back toward the castle. Walk around the castle to the right, past the Fantasyland entrance and on to the bridge that takes you to Liberty Square. Go on back to Splash Mountain get a FastPass unless the standby line is less than 20 minutes. If you got a FastPass, go ride Big Thunder Mountain Railroad. If it's not time for your FastPass at Splash yet, grab a snack at Pecos Bills and then see the Country Bear Jamboree.

After you ride Splash, go straight to Jungle Cruise and get a FastPass. Ride Pirates of the Caribbean.

Now, your day is set. You've ridden the biggies. It's probably just about lunch time. Now you just go back to Tomorrowland and start working your way counter-clockwise around the park picking up things you skipped. Hey, it's May, the crowds should be fairly small. If you're kids don't insist on riding Dumbo, you should catch almost all the rides. (Peter Pan may be a problem. It gets real long lines.)

Dad's Bottom Line

Richelle, your truly Magical Magic Kingdom experience won't be because of anything Dad says here. It will be because your great family is together enjoying a wonderful setting. Enjoying each others company. Playing together. Having fun together and just sharing each others lives. That's what's important. Not how many rides you ride.

Yeah, right. I'll bet you beat the average by a whole bunch.

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