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The week AFTER Gay Days at Disney World

I see that from your crowd calendar, it appears the days in the week after the Gay Days at Disney World weekend are a fair time to visit regarding crowds if summer is when you have to go. My question is do you have to worry about many staying the week after and being exposed to all of “THAT” that week following the Gay weekend? Is is just that WEEKEND or the entire week?

Main Street USA the week after Gay Days at Disney World

Crowds are light the week after Gay Days at Disney World Photo by Don Sullivan

Dad’s Bobby McFerrin Answer

Time to sing again. Come on, sing with Dad …

Here’s a little song I wrote
You might want to take it note for note
Don’t Worry, Be Happy

Don’t Worry Be Happy – Download from Amazon


I just love that little song. It’s so appropriate to crowds the week after Gay Days at Disney World (usually the first weekend in June).


The week after the festivities, crowds will be moderate. Most east coast schools are still in session and the throngs don’t really show up until later in the month.

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The second weekend in June is normally the last of the Star Wars Weekends. Crowds on the weekend at Disney Hollywood Studios are pretty large, but all the other parks will be almost serene.

Dad’s Star Wars Weekend page


Gay Days at Disney World has been around for over 20 years, so I guess it’s here to stay. I hope by now the word is out so families don’t get caught unaware, but I’m afraid that many do.


The lineup has been the same for several years. On Thursday, it’s the Animal Kingdom, Friday it’s Disney Hollywood Studios, Saturday is the Magic Kingdom and Sunday is EPCOT. There are some other events in Orlando earlier in the week. In 2012 the event is scheduled for May 30 through June 3.


The good news is that by the Monday after 99% of the revelers have hit the skies are are on their way home. You shouldn’t have to worry about anyone being exposed to “THAT” more than on any other day at Disney World.

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Dad’s Bottom Line

Like Bobby says, don’t worry, be happy. is a real good week to visit. Crowds will be manageable and the ridiculous summer heat is just getting started.


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Comments for

Mar 28, 2012 Week after good for us
by: Anonymous We arrived last summer on the Wednesday after Gay Days weekend and stayed for a week. We had a great visit, and with use of FastPasses, waited very little in lines. We had originally planned to go during Gay Days (not knowing) but switched only because we couldn’t get any dining reservations during that time. (We booked about 3 or 4 months out.)

Jan 12, 2012 I agree with Anonymous
by: Anonymous I am also thankful that Dad lets people know what happens every week–not just gay days. I do not want to have to explain to my 8 year old why all of the couples are same-sex and why 2 women (or men) are kissing. Families have a right to have access to all of the information and also have a right to choose not to witness some of the indecent behavior. I don’t enjoy seeing heterosexual couples grope each other in public any more than I enjoy seeing gay people do the same. The PDA should be kept to a miniumum in public. Disney World is a family environment!!!!

Nov 01, 2011 Regarding gay days
by: Anonymous To Chris, why are you so angry I have just as much right to protect my children from what we experienced when attending a week at Disney several years ago on “Gay Days”. I thank DAD for being so honest about what truly goes on at gay days in Disney World we have experienced it first hand, and although all may not conduct themselves in an obscene manner, to many of your friends choose to. Perhaps your anger should be directed at them, and letting them know that they should conduct themselves with some class and decency. After all should we not be putting the children first?

Jul 31, 2011 Don’t Worry; Be Gay!
by: Chris Gay people don’t want (and since you’re so fond of capitalizing) “YOU” there any more than you want “US” there. Especially those of us taking “OUR” kids to the parks. We don’t want them exposed to “UGLY”, “BIGOTTED” Americans any sooner than they have to be.

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