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The Where and Why of WHERE We’re Staying!

by The Princess

Hey Y’all! If you do not know me by now and my catchphrase, let me introduce myself…..I am The Princess and no, I do not think I am special. My name, The Princess, is what Dad has called me since day 1, I have always been his little princess. Now, I know y’all are thinking, why is she blogging? Well, we are going to WDW for the week of Thanksgiving and Dad is super busy between now and then, so he asked me to plan the trip. ME!!!


Why is it interesting that I am planning? Truth time: I have never planned a trip in the 8 times I have been. Dad has always taken care of everything, so he challenged me to do the planning and I said of course, no problem. There are 7 of us going to WDW, Dad and Mrs. Mom, Prince Charming and myself (The Princess), The Man-Child and his wife Southern Belle, and their new addition T. Read this blog to find out more about T and him joining our family.


Over the past 7 weeks, we have discussed the reason we are going and who is going, we have talked about when we are going and how planning is a team sport and takes communication and patience. We also talked about traditions, deciding what to do on the trip, and staying safe with a kiddo in tow.


mom and child on dumbo

We’re heading to Port Orleans – French Quarter! Photo by Wayne Wood


Where We’re Going to Sleep

One thing we have not talked about is where we are staying. We are staying at Disney’s Port Orleans Resort- French Quarter. This resort is classified as a moderate and is located near Disney Springs. It sounded like the perfect resort for our trip.


One of the biggest reasons we chose this resort, is that Dad and Mrs. Mom have stayed there during one of their trips without us kids and they love it. In fact, it’s one of Dad’s top picks for resorts at WDW! They let us know it is different from any other WDW resort they have stayed in. The theming the resort is New Orleans’s Mardi Gras. To us that sounded fun for a teenager and a group of adults going to WDW.


The Man-Child was sold on POFQ when he found out there was a “dragon” slide in the pool. Well, after a little more research it is not really a dragon but Scales, a sea serpent that is 51-feet long and really fun to slide down. Our family does not usually enjoy the pools at WDW because we are too busy enjoying the parks, but this trip we are going to carve out some time to just relax, have fun, and bond.

But First, Beignets

All Dad and Mrs. Mom had to tell Prince Charming and I was that POFQ is home to the best beignets at WDW. You can pick these up at Sassagoula Floatworks and Food Factory, and they come in either a 3 or 6 count. And added bonus is there are 3 different dipping sauces to choose from: Caramel, Strawberry, or Chicory Coffee Ganache (this one will be Prince Charming’s favorite). Prince Charming and I are planning to make this our first stop when we arrive at WDW after flying all day, we will need a bed time snack.


These are our main 3 reasons for choosing POFQ, but there was one other factor that went into our decision. When we decided to go to WDW for Thanksgiving, we find out we only had 5 months to plan our adventure. This meant that some of the resorts were already booked to capacity, most families plan their trip at least a year in advance. So, we looked at all the options and decided POFQ was the best fit for our family. There are 5 of us who have never stayed there are so excited for our first experience at this resort.


I hope you all are enjoying this journey with me as we work through planning TAWDA. Over on our Facebook Community page, I have been asking questions and interacting with y’all and I love that. If you have not checked the group out, please do! Come back next week as we start to discuss that other park we are going to…Universal!


disney world parks

disney world parks


disney hotels

disney hotels


the fire pit at 'Ohana




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Sep 07, 2019 We miss DAD NEW
by: Anonymous we miss Dad and his ASK DAD section

Sep 04, 2019 Yum! NEW
by: Anonymous Arrival day we head to Downtown Disney/Disney Springs for dinner and afterwards hop on the boat to Port Orleans for a big batch of beignets!

Aug 27, 2019 U will love it
by: AnonymousVicky We have just returned from Disney and we stayed at Port Oreans French Quarter! It was the first time for us, we loved it! And yes the Beignets are to die for. I even bought some mix for home. Have a great time! I miss it already.

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