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Third Party Sellers meet at the gate to verify Disney World ticket!!

by Jo
(New York, NY)

A seller indicates that we meet at the gates and he will not ask for payment until we have entered Walt Disney World and verified ticket with Disney? Does this sound REAL!!! Thanks

Dad’s Monte Python Answer


In the immortal words of the great Monte Python movie “Run Away!” “Run Away!”

Yes, the seller may be legitimate, and really be willing to meet you at the gate to verify the Disney World tickets. But it is a crime in Florida to sell tickets that have been partially used, and this year Orlando police have arrested at least 6 ticket sellers for selling partially used theme park tickets.

What’s to say Disney verifies the tickets, watches you buy them and arrests the seller and invalidates your tickets. (They have done that.) I would not take the chance. It’s not worth it even if you are going to save $100.00.

The biggest way to figure out if the seller is legitimate is will they take your credit card? If they won’t the take the Monte Python way out. NOW! If they want cash the deal is shady and has the potential of leaving you without money and tickets.

Dad’s Disney Ticket Scam page

Jo, listen to Dad. Something that sounds too good to be true almost always is.

Comments for Third Party Sellers meet at the gate to verify Disney World ticket!!

Jul 17, 2014

Doesn’t seem fair

by: Danny

I get that Disney doesn’t like that their tickets are being resold but if I wanted to purchase them and verified them what’s the big deal? Why let someone purchase the tickets and then invalidate them? Seems vicious this is the 4th blog I’ve read mentioning they do this.

If I’m not getting scammed by the seller how is this a crime and do they make sure people get their money back when they do this or just say oh well buy them at full price and figure out how to get your money back later?

Dad’s Answer

You can never verify them fully. Several people bought tickets from people at the gate, used them the first day and then the second day they were invalid because they were purchased with a stolen credit card.

The Bottom Line is it is against Florida Law. It’s dangerous. It’s a crime. Don’t do it.

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