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This WDW veteran has *only* ONE day at MK!!

by Jana
(Huntsville, Al)

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“Almost everything I find is about lengthy stays and not geared towards one precious day at MK. We decided to make a one day detour on another vacation to visit MK… Because who can be in FL and NOT visit WDW? But as a WDW veteran with only ONE measly day I am totally at a loss. Our usual trips are 7-10 days. As this was a last minute decision the Fastpass situation is disheartening and there are no reservations to be had at our favorite restaurants. Any tips or do you have a blog entry that I overlooked?”

The new Muppet show in Liberty Square is a great thing to see in one day

Be sure to check out the new Muppet Show in Liberty Square – Photo by Matthew Cooper

Jana, I’m right there with you. I can’t go to Florida without going to the Magic Kingdom. I went down there and did some teaching for a while, and I can’t get down there without wanting to go to Walt Disney World, and the Magic Kingdom, absolutely. I didn’t have tickets, but just had to take the monorail around and get out and just walk around by the gate.

Dad’s Magic Kingdom page

One day in the Magic Kingdom is really not that hard. It’s pretty Simple. You know what you’re doing, you’re a Disney veteran. You know what you’re doing for one day in the Magic Kingdom, but let me just say what I would do.

Typically, I would start with FastPasses, but since your not going to get any good one’s we’ll skip that. I’m gonna be there when the park opens, actually, I’m gonna be there before the park opens, so I can go down on MaineStreet and grab one of those new breakfast things at Casey’s. I’m gonna be there before the park opens, be ready to go when the park opens, I’m gonna high-tail it for the Seven Dwarfs Mine Train, then I’m gonna do Peter Pan ride, then Big Thunder Mountain Railroad, then Jungle Cruise.

Then I’m gonna hop over to Space Mountain, Buzz, then I’m gonna start slowing down and making another loop, and just doing everything else.

For me, lunch is gonna be at Casey’s, dinner’s either gonna be at Cosmic Ray’s or Colombia Harbor House, I just see what I can get done in a day. If you get there early, you’ll get a lot done really quickly. Ride those busy rides first, FastPass what you can for the afternoon, really doesn’t matter.

All of this kind of depends on when you’re going. Since I don’t know exactly when you’re going… I assume it’s pretty quick, it’s summer time, fairly busy, so you’ll want to do those busy rides first thing, right off the bat, and then leave the afternoon to get those slower, where the lines won’t be long. Depends on if you’ve got kids. If you’ve got little kids, then you’re gonna have to spend a little time in Fantasyland.


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Dad’s Bottom Line

It just depends on what you want to do, that’s what I would want to do, but this is your trip. What do you like to do? Hit those rides that you want to do and you like to do first. Make it your trip. Go and figure out what you want to do, you’ve been there before, you know how to line out your day. Make it your day, make memories, have fun. It’s your vacation. Have Fun!


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