Ticket Pricing Disney Versus Reseller

Ticket Pricing Disney Versus Reseller

by Susana Mendez
(Chesapeake, VA)


"What is the difference between a reseller and buying Disney tickets directly from Disney?"

In Reality...

There is no difference in the tickets you buy from Disney or from an Authorized Disney Ticket Reseller. They are literally Disney tickets. Disney gives the "tickets" to the reseller to sell.

You can do everything with a reseller ticket you can do with a ticket purchased at a Disney park. You can do FastPass, the Disney Dining Plan (if you're staying in a Disney hotel), MagicBands, etc. The only difference is the resellers can discount the tickets.

Be sure you are using an AUTHORIZED ticket reseller. We recommend The Official Ticket Center. They were the first AUTHORIZED ticket reseller and are the best. They are located less than a mile from Disney World and have a staffed office that is open every day.

Give them a shout.

Dad's The Official Ticket Center page

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Dad's Bottom Line

Susan, you can rest easy with tickets from an AUTHORIZED Disney Ticket Reseller. They are REAL Disney tickets. Give The Official Ticket Center a shout.

Trust Me.

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