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Tickets for our Disney World Wedding

by Tina
(Upstate NY)

We are getting married in Disney World November 12, 2015. Along with the package we get 2 annual passes. However, we will need to get 2 children’s tickets (3-9yr). If we get them with the resort reservation (Cabins at Fort Wilderness) we would also have to get the adult tickets. We will get a 10% off any tickets because of the wedding. Would it be better to try to find tickets elsewhere, or should we just get them at Disney. The children love the MagicBand, if we get them anywhere else can we link them to the magic band? Thank you!


The Wedding Coach from Cinderella

Will you be riding in this? – Photo by WDW Shutterbug

Dad’s tie it all up in a pretty package Answer


First, congratulations on the upcoming wedding. I can’t think of any better way to start a life together than with a wedding at Walt Disney World. It’s going to be great.

When it comes to Disney Tickets, I would normally recommend you contact our partners over at The Official Ticket Center for your tickets. They have all the Orlando tickets you could need at a discount.

So why wouldn’t I recommend you run over and talk to my friends? On this one, I think it’s better to wrap everything up in one big Disney package. 10% off of a Disney Ticket is a good deal. It’s about the same deal you’d get at The Official Ticket Center.

I would normally say something about a Free Dining discount playing into the whole equation, but since you are staying at the Ft. Wilderness Cabins, that won’t come into play.

I would say this. Buy your tickets today or before next month. There are all kinds of rumors that Disney Ticket Prices are going up sometime next month. They typically go up on Sunday, so I wouldn’t put it past them to raise them on February 1.

If Disney won’t sell them to you today, go ahead and get them at The Official Ticket Center. Don’t wait. I expect about a 6% price increase coming next month.

You might want to also check with Shannon and Destinations to Travel. Shannon was a Fairytale Vacations Consultant for years. She knows all the ins and outs of weddings at WDW. She can also help you real quickly with the ticket issue.

Dad’s Destinations to Travel page

Once you have the tickets, it’s easy to tie them to MagicBands. Just be sure you have all your tickets arranged and in your MyDisneyExperience by 60 days prior to your arrival so you can make FastPass+ reservations.

Dad’s FastPass+ page

The Official Ticket Center Logo

Dad’s Bottom Line

Tina, again, congratulations and have fun. Check with Shannon. She can help.

Check the prices and get the cheapest. I do recommend you doing it really soon.

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