Tips and Advice for New Years Trip

by Joao Paulo
(Santos, Sao Paulo/Brazil)

Hello Carl,
We’ll be in Orlando next December, 31st for New Year’s Eve.

The first time in Orlando was August 1993, long time ago, so I’m considering this our first visit. We know that this time we’ll face crazy crowds, could give us some tip/advice?

Best from Brazil,

The line outside of Be Our Guest

The line outside of Be Our Guest – Photo by WDW Shutterbug

Dad’s Dad Knows Disney World Crowds Answer


You’ve come to the right place. Dad knows all about dealing with Disney World crowds especially at that time of year. Our last family trip we arrived on January 1. I can tell you just how to (and how not to) create a plan to help you avoid the crowds.

The first thing you need to do is go to Dad’s Disney World Crowds page and check out the tips there. Basically they say get to the parks early, do the big rides first and know how to use FASTPASS.

In fact, if you are staying at a Disney Hotel, you might be eligible for the Magic Bands and FastPass+. If you are, then you can make 3 FASTPASS reservations before you leave home. That’s a big help. It will save you lots of time.

If you are going to be there between Christmas and New Years Day, you’ll definitely want to have a plan. That’s when the crowds are the biggest of the year. Get to the parks early and know what you want to do.

Dads’s December Disney World Crowds page

If you’re there after January 1, you’ll see the crowds get smaller every day. By the first Sunday the crowds will be pretty much gone and you’ll have the parks to yourself.

Dads’s January Disney World Crowds page

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Dad’s Bottom Line

AJ, the bottom line is be prepared and you’ll do fine. Have a great trip.

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