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To go along with Dad’s new health kick…

Hey Yall! This is the Princess. Dad has asked me to write about some new stuff at WDW. So look for my articles every day and maybe some day I will even start my own blog. I grew up going to Disney World as often as I could. I even dragged my Prince Charming on a honeymoon there.

We all know Dad is on a health kick to get ready for his trip is October. I have started doing yoga and cardio exercises in the morning and like Dad I feel great. It seems that Disney has unveiled their way to help everyone get healthier.

Innoventions in EPCOT is the home to Habit Heros

Innoventions is home to Habit Heros – Photo by Express Monorail

At the Innoventions Pavilion at EPCOT has announced the opening of Habit Heroes. Dad’s friends have read many posts from Dad and others about this subject. Habit Heroes reinforces what we all have been talking about. This attraction has a great pre-show and 3 areas to learn about exercise and health.

As Dad has told us WDW does waiting in line great. At this attraction you will get to power up in “Will Powers Gymnasium”. This area is filled with trophies and other great items to inspire greatness.Then it is off to the main attraction.

Habit Heroes promotes eating right, staying active, and other healthy habits we all need to develop and maintain. The area has 3 areas where guests can play games and learn about healthy lifestyles. If you go at the beginning of the day you might even meet the super heroes that play the games with you.

In one area you can challenge the Control Freak by trying to grab remote control out his hands. A different part of the pavilion people can help the characters of the game battle the evil “Sweet Tooth and The Snacker”. The last part involves you motivating Lead Bottom to get up and exercise.

Have you ever left WDW and wished you could have a part of it at home? Well they have the answer to that. At the end of this attraction you can scan yourself into an avatar and play the games online.

This attraction should only take about a half hour and is well worth you time. Michelle Obama would be so proud. This exhibit promotes healthy eating and exercise in a fun new way. It is a must see for anyone going to visit WDW.


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