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Top 5 WDW Restaurants for a Honeymoon Couple

by Kelsey
(Columbus, Ohio)

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We’re heading to Walt Disney World on our Honeymoon. We’ll be using the Disney Dining Plan. What restaurants would you recommend for an adult couple traveling without children?


A romantic dinner at Sci Fi Dine In? – Photo by Disney Image Makers

Dad’s Honeymoon Fun Answer


Staring your life together at Walt Disney World is just about the best thing ever. Mrs. Mom and I did the same thing almost 35 years ago. (Yes, Mrs. Mom is old, Dad was 3 when he got married.) I’m glad you’re asking about how to have some special time together.

Dads’s Disney World Restaurants page

WDW isn’t a known as a place for quiet, intimate, romantic dinners. Most dining locations are fill with kids and tired grumpy parents. But there are some really good options for honeymoon couples. Let me share my top 5.

Dad’s Top 5 WDW Restaurants for Honeymoon Couples

#5 – Sci Fi Dine In – I’m not kidding. I think Sci Fi Dine In is a great choice. What’s more romantic than snuggling with your honey at the Drive In with movies that you don’t have to watch showing on the big screen?

The seats at the Sci Fi are made for snuggling. Guys, it’s real easy to slip over and put your arm around you sweetie. Girls, need a hug? Slide right over and snuggle up. This is pretty much the only restaurant at WDW that’s built for snuggling.

Also, when the movie trailer gets scary, girls you can squeal and snuggle up to your guy (or vice versa).

I should probably make Sci Fi number 1.

Dads’s Sci Fi Dine In page

#4 – Grand Floridian Cafe – #4 on the list is the Grand Floridian Cafe. This one is a nice and normally quiet place where a honeymoon couple can get a good meal in an out of the way place where the kiddos don’t overrun everything.

Most of the Deluxe Resorts have a restaurant like this. Restaurants that don’t normally get a lot of traffic and are normally nice and quiet. The more off the beaten path the more likely you can get a nice quiet meal (Animal Kingdom Lodge has 3 quiet restaurants.)

So why did Dad pick the Grand Floridian Cafe over the others? Because it’s the only one we’ve eaten at. It was a nice quiet breakfast and really good.

#3 – Boardwalk Pizza Window/Bakery – huh? I know, this one is a bit out there, but stick with me.

Head over to the Boardwalk just before the sun sets and grab a pizza at the Pizza Window or a sandwich at the Bakery and sit at a table on the Boardwalk and watch the sun go down over Crescent Lake.

After the sun goes down, you can watch all the fun on the Boardwalk, go over and dance at the Dance Hall, sit and enjoy the dueling pianos at Jellyrolls. Then you can find a seat on the grass or walk hand-in-hand over to the Yacht/Beach Club and watch enjoy Movies Under the Stars right on the beach.

That will be a night you’ll never forget. Trust me.

Movies under the Stars at the Boardwalk

Oh, how fun – Photo by WDW Shutterbug

#2 – California Grill – a dinner with a view. California Grill has one of the most breathtaking views at all of Walt Disney World. Make sure to be there around Wishes time. You won’t find a better place to watch Wishes anywhere.

California Grill is a Signature Restaurant and does cost 2 Table Service credits on the Dining Plan. It also has a Dress Code which can make for a nice romantic evening.

There are several of these “Signature Restaurants” in the Deluxe Resorts that offer much the same experience. An upscale meal in a place which caters to adults.


Destinations to Travel LLC.

#1 – Cinderella’s Royal Table – the ultimate romantic dining experience at Walt Disney World is Cinderella’s Royal Table.

Cinderella’s is really a special experience. Ladies are treated like Princesses and Gentlemen are treated as Princes. There are magic wands and swords handed out. Royalty visits your table and chats with you.

Check out Dad’s recent visit to Cinderella’s Royal Table

The restaurant is also set up really well. Tables aren’t crammed together like in most of the WDW restaurants. The ceilings are very high and sound get sucked up so it’s pretty quiet.

Most nights there is at least one proposal which really makes the meal magical.

Dad is a big fan of CRT if you can’t tell. If I wanted to take Mrs. Mom for a romantic dinner this is where I’d start.

Dads’s Cinderella’s Royal Table page

For some of these restaurants you’ll probably want some help with making reservations. If you book your trip with or partners over at Destinations to Travel, they will be up at 6 am on day 180 and on the phone with Disney making your dining reservations. They are just magical when it comes to dining.

Honorable mention – There is one restaurant that needs some special mention. I’m not sure it’s a very romantic place to eat, but it does have a really romantic background. That, of course is Tony’s Town Square Restaurant.

Go to Tony’s, order the spaghetti. Get two ends of the same noodle and slurp it right into a kiss. Ahhh!

Destinations to Travel

Dad’s Bottom Line

Kelsey, I could go on and on. There really are a bunch. You can’t really go too wrong at any WDW Restaurant. Not all of them are going to be romantic honeymoon experiences, but most of them are more fun than anything you’d get at home.

Dad a romantic? Who knew?

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Jan 09, 2015 A Romantic Meal Extraordinaire
by: Catherine

Although it is expensive and NOT on the Dining Plan at all, I must recommend Victoria and Albert’s! It is VERY romantic and, for a special occasion like your Honeymoon, you deserve to splurge.

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